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    pissedoff workout log

    what kind of meal replacement shakes are you talking about? where can you find these?
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    pissedoff workout log

    Wow, I haven't been to this board in a decade. Anyway- Brian, I'm in the same boat as you. Basically the exact same build also...260lb and 6'2. However anyone who looks at me thinks im much lighter. big boned i guess :P I'd also like to lose about 30 lbs before next summer. id be toned at...
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    Trance Heads!!

    Ive been searching for a really great vocal trance song...and am having no luck. As far as I can recall, the song is called "the rain" or "rain." It utilizes female vocals...The only words to the song that I know are "....and pass us by" or something to that effect. lol If someone knows what...
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    Ummm. Uh..

    Maynard summed it up best: Learn to swim.
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    The Official Rules of Wedding Crashing

    civicious wins with this statement. 40 year old virgin is infinitely better than wedding crashers. the only part i really laughed at was when vince vaughn got tackled during football. 80% of 40 year old virgin is gold.
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    Awesome songs that will keep you going

    pork soda and antipop FTW.
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    So i just got threatened by a 16 yr old

    Blanco, STFU. Sincerely, Everyone on this board
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    earning brownie points with the girl

    Celerity is right with everything he said. Jeffie, the chick sounds like a complete slut. Not the "bring home to mom" type. She is probably a trauma or sexual abuse victim that has endured a rough childhood. If you get serious with her, expect a lot of frustration in your future. My advice...
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    Uh...yea, more drama?

    This is the most ridiculous thread ever Prediction: Your friend wont leave the wife beater, their kids are gonna be TOTALLY fucked up in the head from experiencing this shit at a young age, and guess what? They will do the exact same things their parents did, hook up with low lifes and...
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    Whatever you do this weekend...

    new2thecarscene is correct in what he said you may get hit up for money thank welfare for at least IN PART for not getting stabbed in the back on the way to your car after work oh, and fuck off for trying to judge me.
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    Whatever you do this weekend...

    I disagree with everything you said. For example, everyone gets a GED, then what? Off to the CEO office to start making 500k a year? Things will start to balance out, they already are nowadays. You basically need a college education to make money. If you aren't into that, then pick up a hammer...
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    american idiot

    amen brotha after dookie everything went to shit anyone that considers green day punk music needs to be shot. they go against everything that punk music stands for, this is why i hate the band oh, and lmao @ their attempt at guitar solos.