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    Civic SiR

    Hey, My friends differential busted on his tranny and he got a new one but he needs a 3rd Gear set Its in and Acura car but its for an Civic SiR ef9 transmission. We have been lookin for days on the net and couldnt find :unsure: it so If u know any tranny parts for sale for a Civic SiR Ef9...
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    Just Saw 2fast 2furious!

    ;) Ya I saw it yesterday It was pretty coo my fave of course was the pink car :P because Im a girl, But Ya I really liked it and they set it up so maybe there is gonna be a third? Okay well later ~mandy~
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    Please Help! Acura Integra

    Hey Im trying to help my friend figure out what is wrong with there car and I have an Idea but we cant seem to find many sites about trannys, So if you know sites about honda transmissions PLEASE TELL ME! or PM me if you know alot about B-series engines and you think you can help. Thanx Alot! :P...
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    Y1 Transmission

    My friend wants to buy a good condition Y1 transmission w/ LSD, Any good sites places to get them? or any other tranny's that are not 2 much more but are compatable or better. ~mandy :unsure:
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    ~clutch And Suspension~

    ~What things can I get to tighten my suspension?.. << I know it sounds dumb... And also is a stage 2 clutch a good clutch to start out with? Ive drive a stage 3 6 puck w/ lighteded fly wheel, But it seemed a lil to intense for me right now LoL thanx lataz ~Mandy~ :P
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    ~prelude Again~

    I wanna get a nice paint job Well my car is blue but I want it white and to put letters on it, Plus some other exterior mods... because my car is already pretty fast but I want to make it look nice to, Also what tires are good I have Spec 2 Peredas on it right now but I wanna get some new ones...
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    ~i Just A A Prelude~

    Okay humor me cuz Im a girl LoL... I just got a new honda prelude 98 And I wanna put a new engine in it .. my bf's car has a B20B, but i wanted to try a B16, Witch do u think would be for better preformance (faster more gas effceint(sp) and go good with a new 6 speed tranny I know how to get the...
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