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Okay humor me cuz Im a girl LoL... I just got a new honda prelude 98 And I wanna put a new engine in it .. my bf's car has a B20B, but i wanted to try a B16, Witch do u think would be for better preformance (faster more gas effceint(sp)
and go good with a new 6 speed tranny I know how to get the thing U need to hook up a trany to a B series engine but I just dont know what ones to get, Im Also thinking about a MSD egnition(sp) carbon fiber fenders, and A racing spoiler... I dont know that much about cars but I know a lil so if U have any good ideas please help thanx lots~
*~Mandy~* :rolleyes:
1st, what kind of Prelude is it? B16 would be a horrible choice, becuase of the small engine size in such a large car. I say get basic bolt ons and call it a day. AS for a spoiler, they are used to control Rear wheel drive cars, in which case the Prelude is NOT, so a wing would be nothing but looks. Carbon fiber fenders....<gay voice> don't go there.
you already have a better engine than either of the 2 you listed ....
there really arent any 6 speed trannys available for your car (unless you plan to spend around $20k for a tranny)
the MSD ignition is a waste ... the stock one is good untill you are pushing 300+ whp or reving to 10k+
carbon fiber fenders are a waste
please dont put a spoiler on it :puke:

just do some suspension work
get a intake/header/exhaust
some nice lightweight rims / good tires
maybe a short shifter
keep it clean looking .... no kits.... no tacky shit all over the place... dont paint it bright pink .... etc....
sorry girl but the H22 puts down 200BHP, where as a B16 has 160.



i pray your boyfriend didnt tell you to get a b series...
That first pic is as good as the pic I posted giving the thumbs-up to my H&R springs. :)

If the boyfriend in question really told her to swap in a B-series, I think he should have his head examined.
lol , best post evAr.

Why would you want to do an engine swap into a 98 Prelude? Is it because its not a SH? F.Y.I - There the same engines :)
Also, I don't think I'd waist the money on a header. My 4th gen came stock with one and there for really the only major gaines you would get out of it wuold be the shinyness.
Ummmm.....all cars come with a stock header. :huh:

If you buy a non-crappy (not Arospeed, OBX, Megan, etc) header, you WILL see gains in performance over stock.
Actually, most cars come with an exhaust manifold. There is a difference to my knowledge, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Also the gains from going to an aftermarket header personally, aren't worth the $300 + I would spend because we're talking a max of ABOUT 10hp. Notice the emphasis on about. Once again, if I'm worng, please inform me, I'm on this board to learn just like everyone else.
header = exhaust manifold. even if it is 300 bucks, it will give you more horsepower and torque. limited, yes needed, definately waste of money, HELL NO!
you're always going to spend money on power, and the header is a very large stepping stone for other mods. i bought a 4-2-1 DC ceramic coated header, i can't tell you if i felt a difference, because i did this along with a couple other things when i did the swap, but i can tell you that i like it :)
Originally posted by 90 accord@Apr 11 2003, 11:40 PM
header = exhaust manifold. even if it is 300 bucks, it will give you more horsepower and torque. limited, yes needed, definately waste of money, HELL NO!

:werd: to everything :)