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    Selling 90-91 prelude tail lights

    Full assembly left and right it very good shape need new bulbs. Pm for cheap pricing
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    d series or b series when i started
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    d series or b series my old b18b1
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    d series or b series

    Thanx! I think ur right the turbo d series will be awesome! Have you heard any opinions on the cx racing kit for the d series
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    d series or b series

    hello. i joined the forum a while ago but never got on but now i have a simple question for everyone. I just turned 18 today and i might be getting some money. i am probably going to put it to a 93 dx that has a d15 in it. i have had a 96 ex that had a b18b1 from a 98 ls but one day while my...
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