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  1. murray195

    03 alternator ??'s

    The white wire held on by the 10mm net may be scorched. I can't remember whether or not there's a fusable link on that wire. Check for continuity b/t the positive battery terminal and the alternator output.
  2. murray195

    2001 Civic cranks but won't start

    I would be looking at the igniter. A little condensation and lack of use can do more than you'd expect on these distributors. EDIT: Sorry I was thinking EK lmao
  3. murray195

    2003 Honda Civic Ex engine swap

    swap Here you go:
  4. murray195

    EG to EK Swap of parts

    no worries, pm me whenever you need to
  5. murray195

    D16Z6 swap

    Honda Swap's Search feature... To be vague, jumper harness for ecu, and vtec wiring.
  6. murray195

    Auto Transmission Issues

    Thats a good lil piece of info, thanks man.
  7. murray195

    Auto Transmission Issues

    It was all due to a fuse...
  8. murray195

    1994 civic d16 vtec 2 b16vtec

    Yes, but you'll still need to add for the knock sensor.
  9. murray195

    intermittent loss of oil pressure???

    I've heard of issues like this when the mechanical oil pump was inadequate or obstructed... can't remember what all was involved, but it's a possibility.
  10. murray195

    Dohc zc bogging issues

    How many degrees is your dizzy set to? I generally set mine slightly advanced to 16 degrees for better response.
  11. murray195

    EG to EK Swap of parts

    This little bit of info on brakes is Courtesy of OEM Honda Proportioning valve, a must have for cars with drum to rear disc conversions or if your proportioning valve just needs replacing. To properly have the correct front to rear brake distribution, the proportioning valve...
  12. murray195

    EG to EK Swap of parts

    Hey bud, sorry I took so long to get back to you, been busy with a couple swaps. Anyways, I'll try and give you a step by step walk through on the dizzy. Starting with the y7 dizzy: Step 1: Remove the three screws holding the cap on Step 2: Turn the rotor till the phillips screw is exposed...
  13. murray195

    EG to EK Swap of parts

    The All '96 - '00 Civic hatchbacks and the Si and HX coupe share the same prop valve. The LX and DX sedans share another prop valve, and the EX coupes use yet another prop valve. If I were you, I'd grab the prop valve out of a DC2. The BB you can keep the same but I'd grab the master out of an...
  14. murray195

    EG to EK Swap of parts

    Hello Blacksilo, I can answer a few of your questions, but not all. ECU Jumper harness: I've always made my own, but for $75, unless you're 100% confident in your wiring and have the time, buy the jumper. Distributor Jumper: If you have both distributors, save your money. It only takes about 20...
  15. murray195

    Auto Transmission Issues

    Hello, my motor on my 2000 Civic Si recently blew and I just finished swapping in a D15B with a D16z6 head and D16y8 intake manifold. The engine runs great but the auto trans is acting up. The speedometer no longer works, the car is extremely sluggish (like its starting in 3rd gear or something...
  16. murray195

    White/grey exhaust.?!

    SOLUTION!! Ok, so I looked over everything on the swap and was totally stumped. So I started to think about what I didn't do... my buddy connected the exhaust. So just for $hits, I disconnected the cat and low and behold oil started dripping out. When the motor blew, it filled the exhaust with...
  17. murray195

    Where is everybody?

    Honda tuning actually did an article/rant on this loyalty drop-off. It sucks that so many people's new focus is the SR20DET instead of the potential of the K-series. Sometimes I think that if we were "blessed" with another Fast and the Furious movie that had a variety of rides, we might reclaim...
  18. murray195

    White/grey exhaust.?!

    Hello all, this is somewhat of a continuation of : I just finished swapping in a d16z6 into 2000 civic si that had a blown motor. I took the y8 intake manifold off the d16y8 and mounted it to the z6...
  19. murray195

    yet another problem

    It's really easy. just undo the 3 screws holding the distributor cap on, then its just two star screws holding the ignitor in. Disconnect the slide on connectors, pull it out, then reverse with the new one.
  20. murray195

    yet another problem

    The igniter will start off as an intermittent problem and eventually just won't start. It will die for no apparent reason without sputtering, popping and farting lol. it's located in the distributor.
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