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  1. t3t4delsol

    Fidanza flywheels?

    I have a 8.5 lb. If you drive in traffic a lot I wouldn't recommend going that low in weight, it gets very touchy, however adding a lightweight is like driving a completely different car.
  2. t3t4delsol

    Fresh Swap, and Engine won't start/crank at all.

    are you using a manual trans or a auto?
  3. t3t4delsol

    Oil and water leaking from head

    sounds like you didn't replace the headbolts. Honda headbolts are torque to yield, meaning they can only be used 1 time.
  4. t3t4delsol

    What size injectors??

    unless hes doing a full na build there is no need to upgrade the injectors, and you will never need more then a 370cc injector on any full na build
  5. t3t4delsol

    got it running

    yes it will throw a cel, and you car will run like ass, It needs to be hooked up. period
  6. t3t4delsol

    help a/f

    does your oil smell like gas? thats usually caused by a bad fuel pressure reg, check your fuel pressure, check your timing, dirty air filter. where all of the plugs black?
  7. t3t4delsol

    help a/f

    you can tell by your spark plugs, the tips will be white if your lean, black if your rich, normal will look gray or brown
  8. t3t4delsol

    2000 Si flashing check engine light. Missfiring causes?

    what did your old plugs look like? Im guessing you issue is caused by a vacuum leak or a fuel pressure issue, to fix your cat codes go to autozone and get spark plug extensions, they will come in a pack of 2 and you will screw you senconday o2 sensor into it and screw it back into your exhaust...
  9. t3t4delsol

    94 engine swap

    16g isnt to large for a d, im running a t3/t4 turbonetic 60 trim on a y8 which is alot larger turbo, the only issue you will incounter when running a larger turbo is lag, I start spooling arround 3200 and hit full boost arround 5200. with say a t25 you will start spooling arround 1800 and hit...
  10. t3t4delsol

    compression problem help!

    oil can also get on your plugs if your plug seals are bad, they are a rubber grommet located on the bottom of your valve cover where the spark plug tube enters the valve cover. Is the oil on the top of the plug or on the bottom? You have a large variation between your numbers are you sure you...
  11. t3t4delsol

    help a/f

    condinsation in the exhaust is normal, as far as your air/fuel ratio gauge goes unless you have a wideband o2 sensor its not going to show anything but a pretty light show
  12. t3t4delsol

    Fuel Pump not priming

    inertia switch, its a small button located in your trunk that disables the fuel system.
  13. t3t4delsol

    Help With PA Sensor!!

    check the voltage running to it. if you still having the same issue with a new motor my votes the problems in the wiring
  14. t3t4delsol

    94 engine swap

    get some scat rods, or tuner toy rods, along with some vatara pistons, acl bearings, arp rod bolts, pull your head off and get a mild port, and some arp head bolts. as far as your turbo goes do you have the big 16g or the small one. what injectors are you using? 450 dsm's? I would look into...
  15. t3t4delsol

    need engin help

    thank you gdc2000
  16. t3t4delsol

    Lightweight flywheel with stage3 clutch- Yes or No

    light weight flywheels are great, but when your turbo you dont want one, if anything get a couple of pounds knocked off your stock one. when you go to low in the weight, your rpms drop to fast, making it hard to drive in traffic, also when your turbo the light weight flywheel will cause you to...
  17. t3t4delsol

    94 integra engine swap. HELP!!

    did you buy a manual p06 or a auto? also the b20, was the donor car a manual or auto? did the b20 come with the intake manifold, iacv, map and throttle body?
  18. t3t4delsol

    looking for a OBD II ECU for a 99 D16/y

    check ebay, obd2b p2p
  19. t3t4delsol

    Time to Dry????

    make sure to get some high heat primer, and paint
  20. t3t4delsol

    94 engine swap

    what kind of power are you looking to make? whats your budget? 200 - 240 hp can be made easily on a stock d, and if you through enough money into it ive seen d's push close to 600 hp, with some low compression pistons and some stronger rods, along with a mild port and you can easily 300 - 350...
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