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  1. Koop

    Car wont start

    getting the relay done, i finished the exhauhst tail pipe weld job, and got new plugs and fuel filter. oil change and all other fluids are fine and i reset the ecu. also the air filter has been cleaned.
  2. Koop

    Car wont start

    yhea ill do that....thnx for stoping by
  3. Koop

    Car wont start

    my car died when i parked at t set of lights. Now it will turn over but as soon as i touch the gas slightly it dies and then wont start. I wish i knew more detail to give... im so screwed right now. -d
  4. Koop

    fuse box diagram for a 98 honda civic?

    tried it, the pics that come up are not what i need.
  5. Koop

    fuse box diagram for a 98 honda civic?

    good tip but this isnt what i asked for is it? I know what these books are and if you read my thread clearly im asking for a photo of your own. not because i cant find a diagrame in a haynes, but because id like an actual digital pic of one ok. i dont own a digital camera and i can not find a...
  6. Koop

    fuse box diagram for a 98 honda civic?

    Hi i need a pick of the fuse legend so i can check some shit. can someone please take a pic of theres and post it for me????
  7. Koop

    should i get this!?

    its all about going for women who are out of your league! u might get turned down a few times but man when one says yes and you're rolling with a 10 it's like magic mate!
  8. Koop

    Make '92-'95 civic more safe?

    Then weld grills on the side and a huge spiked rack on the the front. Dont forget slots to stick your chainsaw out the sides to fend off brain eating zombies!:D
  9. Koop

    what rims do yall like

    not that im going on anything but cosmetics....(lol) but i like the second set Guy!
  10. Koop

    Grill Swap 98 si

    fuck i knew it god i just did that for my light kit too. dammit. lol oh well, practice makes perfect! thanks man -D
  11. Koop

    Grill Swap 98 si

    This shouldah been straight forward and out of the book. But i can only find the CR-V grill swap info in my Haynes so im here asking you how to get it out. I obviously need to take out the top five plastec snaps. but where are the screws holding it in?
  12. Koop

    Sputtering engine at 4000 rpm

    its just the brand of shit buddy who owned the car b4 seem to grab all the time. good to know.
  13. Koop

    First Honda

    D15B6 Found in: 1988-1991 Honda CRX HFx Displacement : 1493 cm³ Bore and Stroke : 75 mm X 84.5 mm Compression : 9.1:1 Power : 62 hp(88-89) 72 hp(90-91)@ 4500 & 83 ft·lbf @ 2800 rpm Valvetrain : SOHC (2 valves per cylinder) Fuel Control : OBD-0 MPFI
  14. Koop

    Muffler Mayhamn

    thew funny thing is now i dont know if its even what i want on my car. its and e gay special and id like to do more shopping research b4 i put one on. anyone know any good sites where they have grabed a good muffler or do you have any advice if i was to grab a new one?
  15. Koop

    Muffler Mayhamn

    lol i love constructive critisism thanks for being straight up!
  16. Koop


    we were thinking just eletrical tape, im aware i can heat shrink it aswell but we were just tossing around the connectors idea if you read the above!:D i will totaly post pics so you can tell me if i have any obvious problems with what ive done. i planned on doing this project a day or two ago...
  17. Koop

    Sputtering engine at 4000 rpm

    too zen as always, hey is ractive a shity brand or what?
  18. Koop

    free music

    i know it's been said but bit torrents are the future when it come to stolen media. Persoanly i use tomatoe torrent and freq pirate bay and iso hunt
  19. Koop

    can anyone help me?

    unless u imported a jdm model i guess.... no shit! where are u?
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