fuse box diagram for a 98 honda civic?


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Hi i need a pick of the fuse legend so i can check some shit. can someone please take a pic of theres and post it for me????


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good tip but this isnt what i asked for is it? I know what these books are and if you read my thread clearly im asking for a photo of your own. not because i cant find a diagrame in a haynes, but because id like an actual digital pic of one ok. i dont own a digital camera and i can not find a pic of what i need online. so thanks and if this is too complicated then forget it.
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what the hell you need a picture for then? gonna post it on myspace? wth.

if you need to 'check shit', the haynes has a picture of it, along with every fuse location.

idk man. your weird. your acting like you were SOO specific. guess what. your car has 2 fuse boxes (at the minimum). sooo, specify......