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    what the hell is an ecu?

    i'm guessin its the electronics hookups or something, but what does it actually do, just connect the speedometer and tach and shit or what?
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    prelude si engine to crx possible?

    would it be worth the pain tho, i mean, i can get the whole engine, tranny, and anything else inthe engine compartment for 1000 bucks. good deal or not?
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    prelude si engine to crx possible?

    question for the all knowing honda peeps... What type of engine does a 93 prelude si (non vtec) have in it? a B20? dont know. And would it be able to swap that into a 90 crx si? the tranny and engine are both available. help :worthy:
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    Rookie asking: Which car?

    Plus, i'm going from a car with 160 hp to a car with practicly 100, would engine swapping be the cheapest and most efficient way to gain more horses, or would slapping a turbo or supercharger on their be best...
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