what the hell is an ecu?

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i'm guessin its the electronics hookups or something, but what does it actually do, just connect the speedometer and tach and shit or what?
It runs the whole engine, when something is wrong, it tells u what it is It's wired to ... It's called ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or ECM (Electronic Control Module)
The ECU - Electronic Control Unit or ECM - Electronic Control Module, also known as the automobile's ‘Fuel Computer’ or ‘Brain Box,’ is an electronic computer that regulates the amount of fuel that your vehicle’s injectors release into the intake manifold.
an ecu controls the following:

reads sensors and makes changes to things based on the reading

basically, its like cutting off your head. your body is worthless- so is a car wihtout an ecu

....unless you drive a chevy :P
more simply put, it is the "brains" of your engine, basically meaning that without it your car would be stupid and wouldn't work.