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    01 Ex 5-speed Swap Options?

    Well Hasport make motor mounts for a K20a swap
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    What Motor Is Better For Turbo?

    I am planin on swapin a H22a4 in a 5th gen hatch. I was wonderin what would be better for drag a H22A4, H23, or LS/T. Also would it be better to go LS Vetc Turbo for drag? Thanks.
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    Putting Turbo In A 02 Lx

    If you want to turbo a LX you could only run like 4/5 psi that is to stay on the safe side. Also you would have to get a custome exhaust mainfold, you would have to get a return fuel line also you would have to reprograme the ECU and so on... You would only have like 150hp at the wheels wich is...
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    Need Some Answers For A Eg Civic

    I have a 7the Gen civic and have :CAI,Header, and Exhaust and is slow ass hell.I am selling my car to my dad and buying a EG hatch soon (VX or SI) I am planin on swaping in a H22A4 and going to order the motor from Hybrid and wondering if anyone here ever ordered a motor from...
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    Whats Your Age?

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    Whats The Best Swap For 01 Civic Ex

    K20a2 (RSX Type S) Hasport just came out with the motor mounts like a month ago. Also the new Honda Tuning magzine dropped it in a 7th gen civic sedan.
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