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    Monday F'in rocked...

    The politically correct answer is - everyone is out working on their cars with the knowledge that they got from reading Hondaswap all week long! :lol:
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    need some help..

    About the same thing in Pa. if you fight it and have a nice judge. A friend got a ticket for 122 in a 55 - fought it - cop showed - but ended up with 84 in a 55 so he didn't lose his license. So fight it - you never know.
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    spam, scam, or real??

    Got one spam one time telling me to check out some other site instead of hondaswap. I'd say it sounds fishy too!
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    I have no cat converter it that good?

    Put the cat back!
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    this forum is bunk

    Great site - love all the info - learned lots and continue to learn every day from this site. I think jeff is right - get the info that you have accurate. Anything Goes is some of the glue that holds all these different people together but sometimes it gets a little carried away. Great site -...
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    I have a 7.5lb one in my daily. Seems ok - or maybe I just don't notice it. - Now the six puck clutch on the other hand!!!!! I do notice that!!!!!
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    Head gasket

    summit racing has a gasket that comes with multiple layers to get any thinckness you need. I'm at work and don't remember who makes it.
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    Fuse blows, no engine start

    Go with the ground first - probably it!
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    looking for Honda parts list website.
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    If it's not the valves (1st guess) look for an exhaust leak at the manifold/header, ox sensor, etc......
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    looking for Honda parts list website. It is Majestic Honda just tough to get to their parts web site - hope this helps
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    b16 Vacumm Leak

    I spray all the places it could be with WD-40 or Carb cleaner and listen for the RPM change. pissedoffsol (who is a safety first kind of guy) likes to make soapy water and look for bubbles. Whichever - I wouldn't suggest hosing down a hot engine with WD-40 or carb cleaner. Just spray the...
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    Alternator swivel bolt seized. Please Help!!

    Kroil oil works wonders - let it soak for a while. the longer you keep putting it on and letting it work the better.
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    voting started over

    Under xp you can change the ip address on the fly so I've been voting 5 to 10 times a day ( all I have time for )
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    dyno appointment!!

    Western Pennsylvania.
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    dyno appointment!!

    I'm jealous - I can't find a dyno anywhere in our area!
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    FR Oxygen Sensor Rusted

    I'd switch brands in a hurry if I were you. Go back to what you were using or go full synthetic (not castrol)
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    FR Oxygen Sensor Rusted

    Syntec is not my favorite kind of oil. But do you mean that you let the car idle for 30 minutes before the sound happens?? What is the viscosity 5w-30 etc? Did you change that??
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    Head job complete

    I've seen misadjusted valves cause higher oil usage. Quick/easy to adjust them. See if it helps.
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    what the best swap for auto X

    this is the ultimate answer to autox - slow cars with a good suspension and a good driver will win every time over hp.
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