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    i know that the LS motor is better with turbo...but why? ls motor lets say 140hp...gsr 180s...if u put turbo into the gsr would the vtec matter?
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    Answer This Hardcore Civic Fans

    ok thx alot :) well what turbo work best with the LSmotor? i want a turbo kit that will last and not fuck up my engine... beacuase im a daliy driver. help?
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    alright...some ppl say the GSR motor is the top line next to the h22 of course cuz of the Vtec. if so how can the LS motor be stronger...i looked at the spec on the GSR vs the LS..GSR is stronger....but then why do ppl say that the LS is better 4 turbo? WHY idont get it.
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    Answer This Hardcore Civic Fans

    ok...i just got a 93 civic hatchback. i got this becuase i got blow away from a civic the other day and it realy hurt me. i was talking to some of my friend and they told me about the potental of the LS motor. should i just go 4 the GSR motor or the LS? in the future anyways im going to turbo...
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