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    Vavle Adjusting..

    I have a b16 head and a ls bottom end. What do I go by when adjusting my valves? Like do I go by the adjustments from a 00 si? Will that work? I have never done this before so any tips would help. I have a acura 95 integra Helms manual to follow by when adjusting but not the specs. on what they...
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    Just Bought Azenis

    I made my Aznies squeal like little pigs already. I have only had them for like 2 months. I work at Tire Kingdom now and I get them for $49.99 a tire. Thats 14's though. 195/60R/14.
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    Transmission Internals

    I think a nice setup is a gsr transmission with a ls 5th gear.
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    Dyno'ed E's Car Today

    I like the way that shop is setup. B) pretty cool.
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    If You Had 35k

    Would go towards a Porsche GT2 or buy a mint 72 chevy nova, black with a 454 already in place ready to drive. Add a supercharger,pulleys etc.. with the extra money. vroomm vrooomm!
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    Where In The Hell?

    tampa, fl.
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    Putting The Car On A Diet

    :lol: Yoink! that gif. is awsome.
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    Whats With People Who Have Stock Engines

    I picked mine cause at the time I was working on getting stuff done on my car, I hated it.
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    Adding Ps

    ok tell me if this can be done, I have a 1988 civic hatch and I have a ps rack but nothing else related to ps. Iam using that instead of using a manual steering rack. This is just like pulling the ps off a car that had power steering right, I can use the ps rack just like a manual steering rack...
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    Power Steering Tight

    ok this might now apply to power steering cars, but the squeaky sound on my car was the steering gear box inside were the rack goes. I just found a used rack and replaced it with another.
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    Please Help ...

    This is all a 1988 civic dx 3dr.
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    Please Help ...

    but would it be that off? I went to drive in a cirlcle like out of my driveway and around a curb and back in. The car just felt like it was going to fall apart. The wheels felt like they were going to fall off? Is that all part of alignment? The steering wheel kinda shakes, the turnning is weird...
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    Please Help ...

    I need help. I have removed and replaced my steering rack and tie rods. I put brand new tie rods on my car and a fairly new rack. I adjusted everything to what I saw was straight till monday I take it to a shop to get a front end alignment. My problem is that the steering shakes over bumps and...
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    Bad Ass Teg

    keep the front end conversion, lose the kit, go with stock, reomove all exterioir stickers. Other then that imo the car looks good. maybe raise it up a to were its not speed bump scary.
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    Dairy Queen Blizzards

    I remember when the Blizzards first came out they were doing a upside down thickness test to show you that it was thick or real I guess. But anyways 3 times they have came out of the cup and on the ground. hahaha. :lol: cookie dough is good stuff. or snickers.
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    Fast And The Furious Ownz Joooo!

    I will probably go see it to laugh at it. :lol: . Then make some serious cash after the movie. Then go race for pink slips and make some serious cash. :lol: I guess cause I dont have a body kit and rear wing on my fwd car iam not fast.
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    Does Anyone Have Kyb Agx With Skunk2 Coilovers

    I had them on a fith gen for about a year. Bought them brand new they ride good. I think you will be sastisfied. Its nice to have the adjustable shocks fun to mess around with. I have heard though that Koni's 5 way adj. shocks are alot better and value wise to. Its somthing like $75 cheaper...
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    Civic Hx Wheels

    Also a good price to pay for HX's is around 200-$250 and $250 better be mint! Thats without tires.
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    Rea Dumb Question

    if you have a cable clutch you wont have a resovir. What year make model of you car? Not information
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    Hy-tech Header

    Does anyone have a photo or link to this?
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