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    B18C GSR build recommendations

    Also if you plan on porting the head an ls head would be just as good as a type r. All the type r head does is flow better stock, which if you dont plan on keeping it that way go with the cheapest.
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    B18C GSR build recommendations

    As previously said you really need to make a decision as to go na or boost before you start building. True you can reliably turbo a b18 with low boost on stock internals. However i know from experience its very tempting when you run boost to rev the crap out of it and if you do eventually...
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    b-series automatic swap

    Yeah hes right auto swaps arent common at all and you will have a time trying to find an auto tranny mount. However every auto trans has a tcm the difference being honda started making the tcm insde the ecu in the early 90's. Just make sure when you chose an ecu that it has a tcm built in it...
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    Prelude Engine Build

    Thats some good info i was told those sleeves couldnt handle any ammount of boost. Guess ill tell my buddy to save a grand and spend it on pistons and rods rather than new sleeves.
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    95 Prelude build

    H23s have bad rod/stroke ratio for a honda which would not make them the best block for a vtec head but its very possible. Good rod to stroke ratio is the #1 must for a high revving motor and the shorter the stroke is #2. And are you sure someone didnt just tap some holes and slap a vtec spool...
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    Prelude Engine Build

    Oh i thought they were carbonite. But yeah i consider replacing the sleeves a necissary part of any honda turbo build but then again i dont really turbo a lot of hondas at 8 pounds i usually like to run 15 in my dds and 25 in the trackers just because i like to dump cash in vehicles. But yeah...
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    89 prelude starting issue

    Yeah youve got a short in the wiring read your fuse panel and you can find out which fuse then look up a diagram and trace the wires till you find it. And unless youve got a swap in that prelude your in the wrong section and most likely about to get flamed
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    h23a1 performance

    Brutal is quite right your about maxed out on simple bolt ons its time to find out if you want to go all motor, boost or a higher hp motor which your only option in the lude is a h22 which stock imo is pointless or if you want to go nutty with it research a k-swap but if i were you id stick with...
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    Prelude Engine Build

    B18 is way to light for that car it would be like throwing a vg35de in a caprice classic. An ls-vtec with a gsr tranny is a good combo just not in a prelude. If you want to build a b18 or 16 get an integra or a civic. The h motors in those cars run plenty strong and if you want to go boost it...
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    Noob please help

    Are you wanting something with more power or better gas mileage? Preludes are heavier and geared more towards stock performance with a near 200hp 4cyl in vtec models, 4 wheel disc brakes, wider more agressive stance with a lower body, reinforced chassis and considerably lower mpg compared to...
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    B20B/Z vtec 90 prelude

    Yeah im just now finding that out after a few weeks of searching in my spare time im finally finding some 3g prelude swap info and i found out due to the motor in the lude being at a slant pluss the fact the mounting points on the motor arent even close...not to mention the torque mount on the...
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    B20B/Z vtec 90 prelude

    Ok ive done a bunch of research on this and im pretty sure my answer is yes i just want confirmation from someone who knows as i cant seem to find a clear answer. Just got my hands on a 90 prelude si in really good condition and im thinking about building a sleeper out of it. From what ive...
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