B20B/Z vtec 90 prelude

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Ok ive done a bunch of research on this and im pretty sure my answer is yes i just want confirmation from someone who knows as i cant seem to find a clear answer.

Just got my hands on a 90 prelude si in really good condition and im thinking about building a sleeper out of it. From what ive read the b20a5 motor in the lude wont bolt up to anything b series out of the civic/teggys for either the head or tranny without some rediculous machine work. Ive read that the newer b20b/z out of the crvs will bolt up to any head/tranny out of the b18/16 so im wanting to do that but my question is will the newer b20b/z bolt right up to my chassis without any modifications? also would i need to change the rod to stroke ratio to get it to rev higher safely (it will be built correctly of course, pistons/rods/block reinforcement/overbore) but im wanting to drop a higher lift cam as im planning on turbo and most cams i look at for the b18s loose power at around 8500-9000 but i want my block to be able to rev safely without having to worry about spinning bearings or worse throwing a rod. I would be interested in other options if anyone has any (although i do want vtec thats the whole point in a honda imo) my problem is im doing this at home, i dont have a good welder and hasport makes no mount swaps for my chassis design.

Any help is appreciated, just keep in mind the simpler the better.
Not confirmed, but I'm pretty sure that the newer B20 won't bolt up. If it did, you'd probably see B-series swaps in these cars a lot more often...
Yeah im just now finding that out after a few weeks of searching in my spare time im finally finding some 3g prelude swap info and i found out due to the motor in the lude being at a slant pluss the fact the mounting points on the motor arent even close...not to mention the torque mount on the crossmember that was in older preludes and accords and non existant on the "normal" b series.

But unfortunately i picked up a b20 with a gsr head that ran i little to much boost on stock internals and i got the bare motor and head for like $100 so im determined to make the swap. I read a guys post on a diff forum about his b18 swap into the 3g lude and beside the axles, vss, load detector, bar linkage and the really tight fit it can be done. Does anyone know where i can get some mounts for this swap ive been reading some about some custom fab shops making a set of b-swap mounts for the 3g but id rather try to find some already in production than have to pay a custom shop a small fortune to make a set. I know im kicking up old dirt with this but most people who seem to ask about these oddball swaps have little knowledge of hondas and
cars in general and this is something that ive already begun to do so im going to give it a shot but id like to get as much info as possible before i start building the motor maybe some of you swap pros have looked into this. Any help is appreciated.
How did your build go!?? I am starting a jdm B20B swap in my 90 Si. If it works I,m then going to put some small boost on it. It's a DD so it wont be many lbs, maybe 5lb.