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    Good luck findin oneanywhere for $1500. Ive been lookin all over for a decent S13, and the lowest ive seen is $3900. :angry: -PissedOffMaxima
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    what to do about my interior

    Umm, last time I checked, the ITR is only available in a coupe. the 4-door 'tegs are all LS/GS models. -PissedOffMaxima
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    what would you rather have

    I think im with brian on this one. Silvia's are a force to be reckoned with. A civic with $6K just doesnt compare. -PissedOffMaxima
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    Dear Penis

    LOL thats funny as shit -PissedoffMaxima
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    Raliegh, NC
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    Donate to Buy Brian a Skyline Fund Part 2

    Thats it. Im moving to Japan. =) -PissedOffMaxima (attempting to do R30 Conversion)
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    Hey just thought I'd let you guys know somethin here. Ive had my Zip Zap from Radio Shack for about a week now. It seems like the battery isnt holding much of a charge anymore, (like 1-1.5 minutes instead of the original 4-5 minutes) and it seems to run a LOT slower than it did for the first...
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    Pic of the Day oct 4th, 2002

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    Initial D coin-op?

    I have space, or will in a few days. I'll let ya know when my new server is up and online, but you can go ahead and send them to me now. I'll pm you with my FTP server login and pass. -PissedOffMaxima
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    Pic of the Day Oct 3rd, 2002

    This is what happens when animals drink. They turn into ROADKILL! -PissedOffMaxima
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    I already got the ZipZap cars. =) I got the Fast and the Furious upgrade kit, comes with the 23,500 rpm NOS Nitrous motor. =) Also has the bodies for the rx-7 and eclipse from the movie. The cat has been goin crazy tryin to catch it. I did all the gear ratio convertions and found out that...
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    Pic of the day for Oct 2nd, 2002

    *WARNING* Pic of the Day oct 2nd, 2002 -PissedOffMaxima
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    Bum fights???

    Hey ive got the dvd ripped on my computer now. I've got to convert the format so i can stream it off my site, and as soon as i do that, I'll post the link for all to see! =) I'll do a 56K version too, so those of you on dialup and still see it. -PissedOffMaxima
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    Pic of the day!

    sorry its back up my server went down for a couple minutes. -PissedOffMaxima
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    Pic of the day!

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    Guess who i saw today :(

    Hey SiR Kid... Who's shin and what did he do to you? not tryin to get in your business or anything, just wonderin. -PissedOffMaxima
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    Bum fights???

    Oh shit im gonna have to buy that one. :D I'll rip and post for all to see when I get it too. :D -John
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