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don't dis apple, Macs are way tight...I would rather have a new G4 or a new iMac than this shitty PII 350 that i have.
shit man, i do not know about that i am probably the only person on here who uses a mac, but i would rather have my life simplified than deal with windows and its many problems. I have had my mac for a little over a year and it has crahed once, due to the fact that i had way too many programs open for the amount of ram i had, so i but 512Mb of ram extra in, and now i have 640Mb. My Pc on the other hand crashes once a month on a constant basis and is suseptable to viruses, how often do you hear of an apple machine getting a virus.
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.0 - 2195)
RAM Usage: 548/1024MB (53.52%)
Processor: 2-AMD , 1393MHz, 256KB CPU Usage: 93.43/1392.73 mHz (6.71%) Uptime: 2wk 5days 5hrs 49mins 8secs
Resolution: 1024x768
Free Space: (85.46Gb/97.69Gb)

Netinfo: #1 (3Com EtherLink Server 10/100 PCI NIC (100Mb/s) 1941.10MB In, 3910.32MB Out) (damn that that's a lot of hondaswap pages read)

and still goin.

no complaints here