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    PROBLEM with the alignment

    I have on my Civic TOKICO Blue aftermarket shocks + lower spring. I bought the kit 4 shock and 4 spring from e-bay. Before I bought them I was reading in this forum, and the guys tald me that I dont need camber plates or adjustable control arms in front, because this Tokico kit lowrs the car in...
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    WTB: 13", 14"or 15" RIMS + TIRES

    I am looking for set rims and tires for b/w $120-200, either 13", 14", 15" (aluminum). I don't need shiny wheels! I need old, light rims + decent tires.
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    WTB: 13", 14"or 15" RIMS + TIRES

    Hello everybody! This is my firts post on HondaSwaps, but I am going to be around for a while, since I own '94 Civic LX. Currently I am planning to race at AutoX event and need second set USED rims + tires. They might be either 13s, 14s or 15s on a reasonable price. I live in Chicagoland so...
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