PROBLEM with the alignment

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I have on my Civic TOKICO Blue aftermarket shocks + lower spring.
I bought the kit 4 shock and 4 spring from e-bay.

Before I bought them I was reading in this forum, and the guys tald me that I dont need camber plates or adjustable control arms in front, because this Tokico kit lowrs the car in the range of no more than 1.5" to 2".So for that much lowering I don't need additional mods.
Recently I replaced the OEM upper front control arms s new after marke, but OEM specs, so the same design.

And the guys in the alignment shop now cannot make my alignment right.
I have too much negative camber, which is O.K. for racing, but the camber is not even on both sides of the car.

Here is the result after the alignment:

What the hell, those guys said they cannot do better than this?!?

The car is lower on one side compare to the other.
I don't have any idea why.
Probably after an accident from the previous owner.
I did not have alignment problems in the past until now.
Yes, I installed all the shocks and springs correctly to the best of my knowledge.