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    motor is dying when i come to a stop

    I have the same problem in my '88 teg. it revs up then falls down, then up then down... I just put a compleat new distributor on, and thought it could be the timing but it is not.. It also only does it when warm. But the engine light just came on, and so I gotta check the code and see...
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    Getting into ice racing...

    Well, I just picked up my soon to be ice racer... 88' Teg LS 4dr with the DOHC D16 motor. I am guessing that this doesn't have a LSD in it though, just a one wheel wonder huh? It needed a little work, and just got the bioch running. Now I'm working on the breaks. Everything works in it, its...
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    Getting into ice racing...

    The tires are menard tires, they don't look like normal tires with studs, they look like melted bumpy tires that rolled though a pile of studs and picked up a bunch. They are kinda funky, but thats what works. Now I'm sure that 4wd would whoop ass, but the guy who promotes these, was trying to...
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    Getting into ice racing...

    ... and was thinking of picking up another civic. I've sold all my hatchs, now I kinda wish I kept them, or at least the non-titled '90 si. Anyhow, I will be doing lots of work to it, it will be a race only car, and will only see the road when its being pushed or on the trailer. I have to...
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    Mmmmmm.... mousepads

    nice idea..... :lol:
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    quite possibly the stupidest thing i've ever read

    oh and also.....who would buy anything from a dumb ass? well unless its dirt cheap I guess....
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    quite possibly the stupidest thing i've ever read

    Donny the retard, had an 8 pound water head. He was 5'3" and he said to me..... DUHHH, I LIKE TATOR TOTS That is one thing that sucks about people, some of them are dumb asses and think they are smart shit....blah...I want my 15min back
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    NSX to F50 conversion

    well, I do have to say, I loved watching it go through the prosses of all that fab work and what not....but I can't say I would ever do that....well then again I would never have the cash to own a NSX
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    fun with fruit?

    I'm kinda in the mood for fruit....hmmmmmm
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    speaking of hot or not...

    ehhhh.....some dumb people....and some good looken ones.....but dumb far out weighs the good looken...
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    My girl on Hot or Not

    not that great....I would take it off of there....
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    what was your taxable income for 2003?

    something like 21k, not bad either for jumping from job to job and hardly working... BTW, if anyone is hiring in the twincities, MN let me know, I need a job!!! lol
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    Convo of the day

    Thats good!!.....hits a little close to home for me, Been there before, its not fun b!!! Good thing you didn't go downstairs guy!!!!
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    just do what it tells you to do, I haven't tryed NFS, but it worked for me on other games.... PS, XBOX owners, don't pay for xbox live, there is a nice program called gamespy, check it out...
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    Copying PS2 Games

    I've used the slide card, works have to remove the front of the tray, but who needs that anyhow?? I would say, if your hard up for cash, go the cheaper way...they both look like they work fine. The card does work fine too....
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    the trade

    Nice....gotta love that color.....
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    For B... Answers to Men's Questions

    yup...damn women....why must they keep talking as if we care...
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    When will you go?

    Monday December, 9, 2069 87.....Ehh, as long as I out live my kids....
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    30 things you'll never hear a woman say

    I don't care what any of you say, I've picked out my girl...
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