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  1. caboose

    crank pully bolt

    Also when you are hitting it with heat, Heat the head of the bolt, this will cause the bolt to get longer and have less friction against the pulley. Be sure to add oil to the gun, the less friction in the gun the more torque it will produce. And be sure the gun is set at the max torque setting.
  2. caboose

    crank pully bolt

    I'm gonna assume that you are spinning the bolt the right way ;). Lefty loosie, haha. A high torque 1/2 impact should be able to get it off no problem. The one I use is earthquake brand and is only $90-$100 and is sold by harbor freight. Let the air compressor get up to max (120-130psi) and...
  3. caboose

    MOMO Corse Steering Wheel

    I have a MOMO Corse steering wheel that was off of my 1989 Honda CRX HF. The steering wheel is in pretty good shape. There are a couple of scratches in the left spoke and a blemish in the leather in the 3 and 6 position. There are a couple of scratches in the horn center as well. From what I...
  4. caboose

    What metals are in a honda engine?

    for the time it would take, it's probably just easier to scrap it as is. You do get more for pure aluminum, but you can't have any other metals in it.
  5. caboose

    Another CRX dirt track racecar...

    Is they guy that keeps breaking axles running increased camber?
  6. caboose

    Something new in the driveway

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you that it was a quote from Andy on the office.
  7. caboose

    help !!!

    It sounds like your brakes aren't square to your hubs. I can think of only two things that could cause this. It is possible that your brakes rotors are defective and the brake surface isn't parallel to the hub surface or parallel to each other. Another possibility is that something is caught...
  8. caboose

    help !!!

    start your own thread please
  9. caboose

    another bigger problem

    also, when checking to see if a spark plug is good, you need to unscrew it out of the head. Here's a basic diagram to diagnose your sparkplugs.
  10. caboose

    another bigger problem

    I wouldn't rule the starter out yet. Those starters are known for going out too. When mine went it died a slow death... so you might find that it will only work sometimes until eventually it won't start at all.
  11. caboose

    Im new here

    Who says 3" is 'too big?' (K20 Dyno) - Honda-Tech
  12. caboose

    Something new in the driveway

    You meet a lot of ladies driving an Xterra because you pull up to a stoplight and look over and there's an Xterra next to you, they're always driven by chicks. So there's your ice breaker.
  13. caboose

    Todays Life Lesson: Check Your Wheel Bearings

    I'm sorry, but everyone that I have know that has had a wheel bearing go out has had plenty of warning before their wheel broke off. That's your own damn fault.
  14. caboose

    2001 cr250

    Wanted to show of some pics of my new bike. This the first bike that I have owned. It's a 01 CR250. It has vForce reeds, Pro circuit pipe and spark arrester, one industries seat and fender, excel rims, renthal chain and sprocket, and twin air filter. It also came with a sand pro paddle and a...
  15. caboose

    Finally back in the garage....

    imo you should keep stock dash and interior if you want intend on this thing being a street car
  16. caboose

    clutch question....

    Sorry reread your post. Sounds like it might be the throw out bearing linkage. I would pull the tranny and inspect everything and make sure that it moves nice. Clean and grease anything that squeaks or doesn't move easily. If your throwout bearing seems worn, I would replace it.
  17. caboose

    clutch question....

    Yeah, you have to pull the trans off the car. I wouldn't mess with trying to grease it up. With the amount of effort that it takes to pull the tranny might as well be safe than sorry and just buy a new one.
  18. caboose

    Newly rebuilt B16a Smoking

    fyi, i've been told that you shouldn't start up your car until you're ready to the actual break it in
  19. caboose

    this is for 96matthb

  20. caboose

    Tranny - Engine bolts!!

    I think that there are two different lengths. Three if you count the long starter bolt. You could probably use a wire or something in the holes to measure the depth.
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