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    Deep Sea Fishing trip pics

    So many questions. Yes, I am a HS OG. Brian send me an IM bragging about his fishing trip. I have grey rep because I haven't been active on the board since it was switched over to vBulletin and implemented the rep system.
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    Deep Sea Fishing trip pics

    19"x3 > 30". 65" dlp. bums. Fishin' > cattle boat.
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    Do you live a lavish lifestyle?

    "lavish" is a relative term. Everybody needs to remember that you're on a Honda forum. I'd venture to say that no active posters on here live a "lavish lifestyle" even by middle-class America's standards. Only person that I can think of that I've ever seen on here that I think had a lavish...
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    Help - I Burned My Girlfriendss Cooter

    Yeah, I found it on another fourm. Anybody that can't find humor in it needs a vacation.
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    Help - I Burned My Girlfriendss Cooter

    k this is what is happening, my parents are out with family friends, and they'll be back any minute so i need your help Heres some background: see, i volunteer on my sisters softball team (im 22, the girls are 15) and whatever yeah i met this girl, her name is Alison, and were going out for...
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    happy b-day dawg

    Bump. ... for the memories.
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    happy birthday

    You're a homo, you can't start your own happy birthday thread.
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    sic fingerboarding vid

    woah, if that kid was in middle school 5 years ago, he would have gotten so much ass.
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    jeffie + youtube ohhhh noooooooo

    i haven't been around for awhile... are you out of the closet yet?
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    [sic] (NSFW)

    what? is that wierd?
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    omg, my dream house is for sale

    your dream house is $750k. you bum.
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    my new office

    Ya know all that e-mail spam you get? Yeah... that's from him.
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    Project R14

    Ummm... are you confusing Full-Race with one of the 972309847209384203984 other manifold manufaturers? Full-Race has a flawless reputation... notice how Brian referrered to them as "the best shop in the usa".
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    1997 S10 Problem

    Heh, I had the exact same truck... '97 s10, 2.2L, 5spd... and right about 135k it started doing the exact same thing! I couldn't figure out wtf it was either, I sold it for $700... total piece of shit.
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    rc drifting`

    I usally try to stay away from anything as geeky as R/C cars, as I'm enough of a geek as it is. But that shit is fun as hell... it really only takes about a 1/2 hour to get the hang of it too. When I was in Phoenix, the guy I was stayin' with had some R/C cars that we drifted around his garage...
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    93 Civic EX Coupe $1200

    great deal! somebody get on this... it'll go quick!
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    So uh... guys who cheat?

    ditto. if you're in a relationship and you want to be with another woman... then you shouldn't be in the relationship. if you wanna pimp it, and sleep around... have at it, but don't drag some poor girl through the mud while you do it. cheating can be tempting, but like slushbox said... in...
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    Finally get some OT....

    congradulations buddy.
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    New Skyline?

    no, that is definiately not it.
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