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    Help! Seized My Motor Need One *now*

    Best of luck to you dood, but you're going to have a lot less chance of success if you're jobless with a 3 year old. The job market aint so grand right now. Spend a few bucks at Rent a Wreck and at least get some cheap transportation. My .02 :rolleyes:
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    Toyota Celica

    Sounds like a Celica 90-92.
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    What Are You?

    Me too. :P
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    Theives Revised.

    I don't know about The People's Republic of California, but in most states, breaking and entering carries presumed intent to do one harm. You can pretty much shoot anybody that breaks into your house. The shitty thing is that someone can break in, shoot at you and you kill him and then his...
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    Theives Revised.

    Dammit...I just read on down. Fuck theives, fuck punkass gangsta boyracer wannabes. The fucking legal system is broken. It is a lopsided world where the legislation is against law-abiding citizens. Get educated, get a permit, own a gun. If everyone would quit blindly following and adhere...
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    Theives Revised.

    Hexen.... This is a perfect case where the current trend in our legislation is fucking us all. All this gun control is bullshit. Punk asses would think twice about smashing a window for a few bits of crap if more people utilized they're second ammendment rights. I'm not saying you should...
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    '92 Accord H22a Swap should just trade me for the F22 out of my 94 Accord EX: :P
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    Thanks To Honda Swap

    I want an H22/LSD swap for my Accord.
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    F22 Vtec, Usdm

    I think this is probably the most common engine out there. an F22 is worth more in pieces than it is whole. I've seen complete engine/tranny/accessories for like $400-500 with almost no mileage. Sorry dude...the exchange rate for an H22 is bad. I want one too, but to ask around you would...
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    What Should I Do With My 94 Accord EX

    In my experience boost is either $$$$$ or unreliable or both. NA is the way to be for daily driving reliability (and low end torque). The Accord has a low pork factor, so you don't have to worry about the coppers as bad. I'm pretty sold on the H22 with an LSD, but somehow I seem to have...
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    Question On A "sleeper" goes to someone who invests the time and money into their car and does it right....but I still have to ask "why?" at that point. If you're going to spend $30 Gs on a Civic, you're nuts. Go buy a used NSX and keep it stock.
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    Well, I'll Be Dammed. Electric Turbo Works!

    Joke dude...I don't drive a rabbit.
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    Question On A "sleeper"

    I for one, would be embarrased to get spanked by a riceboy. I think what LOOKS good is what PERFORMS good. A pop-riveted aluminum spoiler is weak....there's no aerodynamcs to that downforce. A set of coilovers or wilwoods peeking out on an otherwise stock car looks great. It says, "I have...
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    Well, I'll Be Dammed. Electric Turbo Works!

    No's true. Conair makes a $50 electric turbo kit. It has a variable boost controller and a button for a quick shot of cold air. Check these leet specs Gs: Watts - 1600 Power Source - 100-120 VAC Concentrator Nozzle - Yes Cool Shot Button - Yes Volumizer Attachment - Yes...
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    Hey Everyone...i'm A N00b!

    Because someone is pacing beside him, I would say.
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    Well, I'll Be Dammed. Electric Turbo Works!

    :lol: doods...these are for real. I put one on my 83 Rabbit diesel and went from 46hp to 49.5hp...that's like 9.3% G
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    Losing A/c

    Leave the AC and lose a few'll save money on food and still get a comparable performance boost. :D In all seriousness, AC is a must for resale value. You'll have to pay someone to downgrade your car, unless you plan on venting all of that refrigerant into the...
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    H22 Into A 2000 Accord V6

    Sell the V6 and buy an older Accord and an H22 with the loot....or just buy a Prelude. I'm trying to make the same decision.
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    What Should I Do With My 94 Accord EX

    Ok...what am I going to do with this thing?
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    What Would You Do With $3k?

    Rally style or are you just being a wiseass? :P AWD is the only way to go for rally or rallycross and no amount of money is going to make the Accord a viable candidate.
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