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    jdm b16a NO vtec power?????

    hey guys i have a 97 inetra with a jdm b16a engine swap, well the issue is that when i drive it and try to hit vtec on it you have to realy pay attention to know that it hits other wise it just feels like a normal LS engine, for some reaso the vtec has no power you know is ther cuz i can hear it...
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    having trouble with my 2001 integra gsr

    you should turn it on then once is on, while the car is parked try to rev it up to all it goes to, if it revs up with no problem then its not your fuel, it would be your tumming
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    90 B16a Turbo Crx Part Out

    hey by a change do you still have the b16 head, and how much to send it to washington 99301.
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    b16 no vtec HELP!!!

    hey guys can anybody help me? my vtec does work on my jdm b16a but it does I don't think is working how it supposed to work, i mean when it hits(vtec) it does not feel like it and you realy, realy have to pay attention to hear when it hits other wise you won't even know that its hitting vtec...
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