jdm b16a NO vtec power?????

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hey guys i have a 97 inetra with a jdm b16a engine swap, well the issue is that when i drive it and try to hit vtec on it you have to realy pay attention to know that it hits other wise it just feels like a normal LS engine, for some reaso the vtec has no power you know is ther cuz i can hear it through the intake, but it just has no power, can anybody advise me on what to check or to do, i am noob at vtec and need some advise,

thanks a bunch :eek:
swap that b16a into your crx!

but really vtec is not supposed to snap your neck back when it engages... the sound is distinct for sure. but the pull of the car should just steadily rise through the crossover and on until about 7500 or so on a stock b16a
Check the solenoid or the oil pressure sensors for the VTEC????

I have a B16a (JDM) and my VTEC sounds loud and it pulls hard (especially after 6500rpm's
if your not getting vtec it may be that you didnt pick up the correct ECU... or you did, and you didnt wire it for a knock sensor, and vtec to the harness.

my $0.02