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    blowing alt fuse

    have an ls swap in my 2000 civic for over a year, but suddenly blowing the fuse for the alt/speed control. they blow randomly but only when i idle. like when im at a stop light or in traffic. i checked for a short but cant find one, could it be something else? thanks
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    B18B1 into 98 EK Hatch

    i dont have pic but if you tighten the two bolts that are closest to the pulley you can see what has to be trimmed to get the 3rd bolt in (the bolt on top not on pulley side). if you are all ready planning on buying new compressor just try it and you are not out anything but a few minutes if you...
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    B18B1 into 98 EK Hatch

    i used my civic compressor on my b18 bracket. 2 holes line up and had to cut a slit in the compressor to get the 3rd bolt to line up. i only have 3 bolts holding the compressor on and havent had any probs with it and saved me $100 or so.
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    cruise control

    the problem is that the civic cc needs vacuume and the integra cc is is there someplace to plug in the vacuume line on the integra engine?
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    cruise control

    i put a '99 b18b into my '00 civic lx. can i get the cruise control to work? i drive a lot on the highway and like to use cruise conrol. thanks
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    iac cel

    i put an '99 ls into my '00 civic lx. i moved the wire to the correct pin location on the plug that was recomended, tested the iac valve, and the wire that the unit gets power from. every thing seems fine but i still get a cel and it wont idle when cold. and i have cleared the ecu of codes. any...
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    iac valve

    i put a '99ls into my '00 civic lx. on the civic harness there are 3 wires for the iac valve and only 2 for the b18. i didnt know what to to with the orange wire that is left over, and i am getting a check engine light for the iac valve. what is the correct way to wire it? thanks
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    crankshaft position sensor

    im getting a check engine light for the crankshaft position sensor on my 1999 b18b. can i replace the sensor with one from the dist from a 2000 civic?
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    o2 sensors

    i put a b18b1 into mt civic lx and the exhaust doesnt have the bung or the cat under the car.
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    will not rev past 2500

    i was thinking some kind of limp mode also. i just got done looking at a different wiring diagram and i may have some wires from the dist wrong, will check in the a.m. thanks
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    will not rev past 2500

    i put a '99ls into my '00 civic. starts and idles great but will not rev past 2500 rpms. wont rev in any gear or neutral. need help. thanks
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    o2 sensors

    i have a'00 civic with a '99 ls swap. is there a way that i can run only one o2 sensor and no cat and not get a check engine light? we dont have emissions checks here so thats not a concern.i just dont want a light.
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    vacuum diagram

    ive done search but i cant find what i need. i put a '99ls into my '00 civic lx. i need a vacuum diagram so i know that i hooked all the vacuume lines up correctly, know where i can find one? thanks
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    '99 dist. plug

    thanks but, the plug is different, and my civic has a stock tach. i think i have it wired up right but i have a extra blue wire comming out of the ls dist. that should be for the tach. but then how is my civic tach. going to work? where does the civic get a signal from if there is no wire from...
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    '99 dist. plug

    in the process of swapping a '99 b18b into my '00 civic lx. there is a different number of wires on the civic harness, compared to the integra dist. one has 9 the other has 8 (i dont remember which, car is at a friends so i cant go look now,) i need info on how to wire it up. thanks
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    ecu help

    i am putting a '99 ls engine into my '00 civic. should i use the obd2 ecu that came out of the integra? it has the immobilizer so i would have to get around it. or should i use an obd0 ecu that i have from an integra? will my stock ecu run the b18? i need help thanks.
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    vehicle immobilizer

    i am putting a '99 ls motor into my 2000 dx civic. if i get the key and ignition switch from the integra will that solve the immobizer problem? can the acura dealer reflash the ecu to disable the immoblizer? thanks
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