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    Slogan Generator

    "My Anti-Drug is Meat Curtains." :P :P :P
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    Newbie Here Just Wanted To Say Hi!

    :werd: Anyway, welcome!!
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    Off The Topic

    Thanks... wasn't really looking for sympathy though, and, she's just a friend. Maybe down the line she'll be a friend with benifits!!!! :P
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    Wrecked My Car Last Night

    That SUCKS!!!!!!!!! RIP CAR!!!! :P Fuck Scooby, should have been on a leash!! Go with the C-WEST IMO.
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    Off The Topic

    true! B) I'm feeling a little better (btw thanks guys) it hasn't even been a week yet, but I do feel a little less guilty. I've been goin out, went to a concert on tuesday and unleashed the fury in the pit like mutha fucker!!!! That felt GREAT!!! Going to a club with a hottie and couple of...
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    Off The Topic

    Of what??!?!!?? Yeah that does sound like a great idea!!
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    Off The Topic

    Of course I loved her..... why would you stay in a relationship for that long?? But you can fall out of love, and that's what I think happened in my situation. And yes she loved me too... she would do anything for me, and it broke her heart when all the shit went down, and that's what sucks the...
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    Off The Topic

    Thanks for the encourgement!! I appreciate it. I'm actually going to a concert tonight with a couple of friends. So, we'll see what happens. B) Thanks agian guys!
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    Off The Topic

    Just broke it off with my girlfriend. Does it get any easier? I mean, I feel like shit and yeah sure I'll get over it in time but, it really sucks ass! We were together for two 1/2 years, and things just went sour, on my part. I didn't cheat on her or any thing like that, but the emotional part...
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    Change Of Pace - How Do You Like Your Women

    Depends, where am I shipping to??? She comes with ALL of the right parts! :P But, a shaved puss is extra! :)
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    Change Of Pace - How Do You Like Your Women

    That's GREAT...... do you want mine??!?!?!?! :) As for me, I'm with a pasty white redhead who I can't stand at the moment. BUT, my preferences are: Eyes- brown/ hazel Hair- Brunette, below shoulders amost mid back nice jaw line is nice thin but not too thin, i wanta little something to grab...
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    Times Like This

    Nice windshield!!!!! ...... but at least the interior is all soft and cushy!!!!!! :tfg: :tfg:
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    Link Says Enough........

    :bash: :bash: :bash: That's gotta be the GAYEST teg I've ever seen!!!!
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    Site Of The Day

    That's damn funny :D Where do you guys find all this shit?!?!?!! :blink:
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    Hot.... Or, Not?!?!?

    I'm a dumb ass!!!!! :blink: My bad!!!
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    Hot.... Or, Not?!?!?

    What do you think???? :blink: :blink:
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    Coilover ?

    Holly shit that was fast! what kinda of connection you guys running...... DSL or Cable?? gupta_p Posted on Feb 18 2003, 09:40 PM QUOTE (B18cRfreak @ Feb 18 2003, 09:39 PM) AND money IS an object!! Nah, money isn't an object. It's a fabrication of our trust in economics. :lol: :lol...
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    Coilover ?

    Just wondering what would be the best buy for an everyday driver, AND money IS an object!!
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    You might have a point....... If he wasn't caught up in the big wreck. Now I'm not saying that either one would have won or lost........ both had great cars, and don't get me wrong, I was, and still am, a big Dale Earnhardt :worthy: , Harvick, RCR fan. But if I can't "cheer" for him, I'll...
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