Hot.... Or, Not?!?!?

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i have seen that car in polk audio adds in SCC...IMO it is lame looking...i hate head light conversions besides clear corners.
whoa whoa! its says "S-spec B16". doenst that mean.... SPOON! :eek: (i know..double posting, sorry)
theres a place here in Fort Wayne, Indiana that sells cars that look like that. its called The Incredible Car Store and boy do they have some fugly looking shit blue Civic with orange rims :blink: shit makes me :puke: everytime i see that :ghey: shit.....YUCK!!

:puke: Incredible Car Store
LMMFAO...yeah they got some wack shit there. they had an Eclipse Spyder, painted blue, big ass black rims, air ride, some kinda wide body kit and a turbo. that was the only decent one i saw but i didnt like the paint job on it...
personally I thought that civic was bad ass for having a conversion and stuff. Just think no alteeza's so how bad could it be? you guys don't like conversions? It actually looks a lot better having rsx headlights on that then on a crx like they did at I think.
s-spec b16?? if he had a spoon engine in there he would know to say "i am gay as hell and so is my car, however it does have a spoon engine in it"
That civic looks hella clean but im sorry the sticker on the side has got to go. Im not a sticker or decal kind of guy. Other then that i thought the car was really nice.
That thing is gayer than an ass plowing into a snow bank, thinking he can make it through.