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    1992 Civic Dx

    i have about a $700 budget for my swap. i'm a daily, people loading, and long distant driver so something reliable is really needed. also, what ever can get me to the grocery stores a little quicker than my d15b7 slug wouldn't hurt. one other thing, how much does an automatic to manual...
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    1992 Civic Dx

    i'm also looking for a swap for my 92 sedan lx, but mine's an automatic. i've been doing some searching around and am interested in just a little upgrade on the motor from the original. preferrably a d16z6 or the d16y series. when i do swap with either of these motors it would be plug and...
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    devil in a slug

    i have no clue about swapping or what's good out there, but i need a new engine asap. i have 2.5G to spend on just the swap itself..or at least trying to save up that much. also, need to convert it from auto to manual. i love my sedan, but she's beginning to start bitchin at me since she...
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