1. Xanatos

    JDM H23a Bluetop Swap Guide for 93-97 Accord

    JDM H23A Bluetop Swap Guide I've seen checklists for swaps like this but I thought I would give my .02 from having done this personally. For the H23a into a 93-97 accord it's not just about a motor and a car, in a lot of ways there's kind of a theory-crafting that goes into it. For this...
  2. P

    H22/H23 Accord w/ AC

    I have an H23 in my 94 lx 4door and i kept my a/c. Here's how i did it. First you will need to leave the a/c compressor hooked up - do not disconnect it. You can work around it. When you get the engine out, pull the a/c bracket off your old block (F22) then put it on the Prelude motor. It...