H22/H23 Accord w/ AC

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I have an H23 in my 94 lx 4door and i kept my a/c. Here's how i did it.

First you will need to leave the a/c compressor hooked up - do not disconnect it. You can work around it.

When you get the engine out, pull the a/c bracket off your old block (F22) then put it on the Prelude motor. It will bolt right up.
Then you will use the alternator bracket from the h23 and the power steering bracket from an h22 and all your stuff from the accord will bolt up including

  • a/c
  • alternator
  • power steering pump
You will need the belt for an H23 motor to run the alt and a/c compressor

Then you will need to check the fitment for the power steering belt. Take the car to a local auto parts store so you can keep trying different sizes- it is a little bigger then the one for the h23 or h22 and smaller then the one for the Accord. I forget which car mine was from but hopefully the parts guy can help you find a good length.