1. Matts96HB

    Intro to Turbocharging

    Forced Induction: Turbocharging The purpose of this thread is to give a basic walk through of turbocharging a Honda. It is neither a guide, nor an exact build list. It was designed merely to get new people pointed in the right direction of making some power. First, we'll start off with some...
  2. J

    Compressor Map Reading

    How to Read a Turbo Compressor Map By JustinSane A compressor map can be a daunting thing to look at, but I will show you a few simple tricks to use a turbos compressor map to learn a couple important pieces of information. In this tutorial I will use the TD05 big 16g currently on my CRX as an...
  3. 1

    Turbo Charging 88-91 Preludes

    Original thread from: www.preludepower.com I wrote this thread to help out all those who want to goBoostedorTunetheir 3rd Gen Ludes. I noticed a lot of new people are starting to ask about Boosting right off the start, so I took it upon myself to help out all theNooBiesand try to cut down on...
  4. formby

    3 bar map sensor

    so i did minimal research on this but i did look around.... i read this https://hondaswap.com/threads/oem-map-sensor-and-boost.14597/ and went here GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts | GMPartsDirect.com however i have no idea how to install the sensor or what pugs to...
  5. P

    EFI 101

    This is going to be a multi-part series that will be written over the course of a couple days. It will overview of building a complete EFI system for your turbo Honda and taking it all the way from parts in a box to a high-power, running correctly machine. A basic outline of this thread...
  6. P

    Oem Map Sensor And Boost

    How much Boost can a Stock (OEM) Honda MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor Read? On a stock map sensor, the amount of boost you can run is limited due to the fact that it doesn't know what to do with values out of it's voltage range and the result is the ECU throwing a code and putting your...
  7. P

    Stock Turbo Cars

    Factory Turbo Cars This is a list of cars that were developed by the manufacturer to be turbocharged. It is common for a 'junkyard' turbo setup to obtain a small factory turbocharger and use it with a small boost set up on D-series builds instead of a swap and other lower power applications...