1. xj0hnx

    How to Wire VTEC

    How to Wire VTEC This is something that I see come up, and sometimes people get confused by the written instructions, so here's one with pics. This can also be used for wiring just about anything you need, like a knock sensor, IABs, o2 sensor, whatever. I HIGHLY suggest have a manual with a...
  2. wildbillhatchbac

    Testing a VTEC Solenoid

    How to Test a VTEC Solenoid Disconnect the 1P connector from the VTEC solenoid valve. Measure resistance between the terminal and body ground. Resistance: approx ~30 ohms If the resistance is within specifications, remove the VTEC solenoid valve from the cylinder head, and check the VTEC...
  3. P

    It's VTEC

    It is VTEC, not VTECH, ViTek, or VTEK. VTECH makes cordless phones. ViTek makes spark plug wires. Please respect the technology and use the correct spelling.