02 civic ex problems

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I have an 01 civic with the d17a and one day I was going down the road and I lost all power and my starter went out the day before so I can’t do anything to diagnose that until I change my starter. My question is if in the event that I need a new motor what would be a good motor to go with? I only see used d17a motors and if I’m spending the money I want a new one. Am I looking past the new ones or is there a motor that will swap fairly easily that I could find new? I’m new to all of this so I’m kinda lost with all of it. Thanks
A new one will cost you about $2,500 to $3,500 and you would have to use a lot of your current parts to make it a complete motor.. You can get a used complete long block with acceptable mileage (60-80k) for $400-700....maybe it won't have an AC pump
Hmm. Are those motors worth replacing or should I try and get a 2k dollar car? Manual trans, pretty beat up 3rd gear but works fine. 198k on the body and trans he claims he swapped the motor but I think I got played lol
It really depends on what you want to do with the car you drive daily. Kind of hard to put a bunch of cash into a car you didn't pay much for. I've owned my hatchback since 1996 and all I do is dump money into it. I tell people it's like a wood chipper but instead of wood, it tears up cash.
Lol yeah it’s starting to feel that way with this one. I appreciate the help guys.
Any recommendations on one to get with high miles to daily drive? One that generally last a while that has less of a chance of breaking down? I want another civic due to the fact that I know they’re decent cars but most have 150k miles and up.
1992-2000 Civics run decent, are easier to work on, have JDM engines at importers for $400-800 and aren't too expensive to buy parts for. But most have paint and body issues due to their age.
Hey so I seem to find a lot of 05-10 civics with around 200k miles. Are those things worth messing with or should I just look for an older model?
Hey so I seem to find a lot of 05-10 civics with around 200k miles. Are those things worth messing with or should I just look for an older model?
it really depends on the price, condition, and what you want out of it?

daily driver for 500 bucks? sure.

race car for 2000? probably not.
I’m just looking for a dependable daily driver. I usually find them with around 180k miles for 2500 or so. The manuals are usually closer to 3k. I just don’t wanna buy something that’s liable to break down soon after I get it due to the fact that I’m paying on an 01 that’s not running and I have no clue what’s wrong with it due to the fact that I’m a moron but especially when it comes to mechanic stuff lol
Try to find something in your price range that doesn't have a lot of miles. You can find some older Hondas that have less 120k on them. Or if the Civic you have is clean, buy a clean used drivetrain and get to wrenching.
The civic I have is in ok shape for 200k miles. I just have no idea what is wrong with it. The day before it lost all compression and quit driving the starter went out so I’m waiting on one to came in to try and start diagnosing it. I really have no clue what it could be though. But yeah I’ll try and get one with lower miles. Just can’t seem to find them around here