1/4 Mile Time Estimation

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When i swap my H23 into my 92-95 civic ex coupe here in a couple weeks, it is gonna stay stock for a while. Im gonna put a Zex 50 shot on it until then. I was wondering if anyone had a ball park estimate of what it would do. I know you guys dont like guessing at these things, but i was wondering if i would be in 13's, 14's etc. Thanks in advance. :lol:
so noone knows if it would be in 13's or 14's i said ball park.....not 13.4 @ whatever mph....someone should know what an h22 does in a civic, i could base on being slightly faster than that with a 50 shot. Again, im not looking for anything exact. Just give me some opinions based on what youve seen.
I'd say .. you'd likely do a quarter mile in less than 3 minutes.
too many smartasses here..... just asking for a brief estimation and get anything but that, just someone trying to get a cheap laugh.
the fact is a motor means shit. Track conditions, elevation, lauch, driver error, suspension, traction, wind, gas octane, and so much more on top of the fact that no two motors are the same.

my guess? 9-15 secs.