1 wire to 4 wire o2 sensor conversion

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How can i wire up my 4 wire o2 sensor to my original Si harness? I have tried searching forums and nothing has come up for the ef.

im running an obd1 b20 with use of a pr4 ecu and jhp jumper and denso 4 wire.

Where the pig tail is supposed to be for the original 1 wire there are just a bunch of openly exposed wires because my harness has been damaged.

There were a total of 5 different wires 2 of them were still good and have the connector (1) on them 1 was black with a yellow stripe and the other was black/dark green with no stripe it was hard to tell.

The other 3 exposed wires where colored as followed:
1.Orange yellowish with a blueish green stripe.
3.Yellow with a white stripe

This is My 1st honda swap and have very little experience with wiring i have done a mild wire tuck on my engine bay and thats about it any help would be much appreciated!
i don't know what kind of jumper you are using but mine from rywire had the 4-wire o2 pre-wired in. whatever exposed wires you may have in the bay now are not for, and not going to work with the 4-wire o2. you need all 4 wires for the o2 ran from the ecu into the engine bay. which ones they are exactly though i'm not sure.
i would chip that ecu , that way you won't have to deal with this problem like i did, i know these guys on R.I that do this kinda thing for about 60 bucks incl shipping, you can modify the hell out of it for the same price, p.m if u want details.
if you put a 1k resister across the 2 black wires and just hook up the single wire from the 1 wire o2 you don't have to swap to a 4 wire sensor. The single wire sensor is much faster in response, but they don't seem to last as long and are not heated.