17" Enkei Evo5's & tires

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I have a set of 17" Enkei Evo5 wheels and tires for sale that were on my car when i bought it.. the wheels have hardly any blemishes at all.. universal 4-lug bolt pattern.. the tires i have are Toyo Proxes4 a/s 205/40/zr17.. two have 70ish % tread, and the other two are 30% or less due to camber wear.. +42mm offset.. nice looking wheels, just too big for how lowered my car is

asking $500 obo + shipping.. idk how much it would be for shipping.. could be $50 or more..

i think the pics attatched.. if not ill add them soon


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I don't have the wheels with me to weigh them but ups would ship them 30 bucks a piece.. That was with me guessing they weigh 20 lbs.. That's just a rough estimate..