17" tsw avus R

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hey, i have some 17" tsw avus R *discontinued* wheels id like to get rid of. i need an engine, and this should help start me there heh. ill have to burn the rubber on my 14"s with my new engine :lol: ;)

4 wheels, 2 yokohamas 205/40 17

i got them for 700, im the second owner. perfect condition. not a scratch. theyre white. let me know. thx
Originally posted by ssbsts@Dec 31 2002, 12:39 AM
how much?

i got them for 700 without the tires, and they dont have the center caps anymore, but those can be ordered from tsw. i have 2 tires on them only, so they are in friends garage*he has more room* make an offer close to 700 +shipping, and theyre yours.
you wont find these anywhere else*unless from a private seller* because these are discontinued. if the buyer would like, i could have them powder coated black for a lil extra.