NJ 18x7.5 RH Evolutions $650 in NJ!

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18 x 71/2 RH Evolutions with tires $650 obo in NJ.
Here is the deal. I got these from my buddy to put on my 5x100 WRX, but they DO NOT FIT! =(
They are a "universal 5 lug" but I can only guarantee they fit 5x114, (were on his 2006 civic EX coupe) but many more lug patterns are listed on the back of the wheels. (including 5x100...WTF?)

Why SO CHEAP? 1 wheel is curbed pretty bad, 1 is a little curbed, 1 has 2 small nicks, and 1 is great. (no bends, just curbed lips)
The 225/40RZ18 Kuhmo "Ecsta supra" tires have at least 80% tread. I need to sell these ASAP for wheels for the WRX. $650 or trade for a nice set of 5x100 wheels/tires for the WRX.

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