1988 Accord - What Motorswaps Can I Do-

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I am looking for a cheap car, currently I have my eye on an 1988 Accord with only 130k. It is rusted pretty good, but thats not worring me. Its a manual. I was woundering what kind of swaps I could do to it, after the motor goes. For $200 for the car, its going to see some fun "rallicording" :D with the high revving and playing w/ stuff on the car I am sure it will not last normal 200k+ So i was woundering if i could do any other swaps?

Check out this sight for all you need to know about 3rd Gen Accords. By the way, you may want to look around, I've seen many cheap ones without rust. If you get one I'd recommend the LXI, better power, fuel injected.

cantdrive55, thx check out seen i can do a b18c5 :-D but ya, i will check around for a little less rust like u say, but its gotta keep the cheap $200 budget tho...
Get an 88-89 LX-i or Se-i. Thats if you want to do the swap, or you'll end up doing the Carb to EFI converstion, witch SUCKS!!!

Anyhow, feel free to cruise my site http://vtecnos.tripod.com . I did the B16 swap twice now.

Complete new fuel system set up for high pressure, wiring for ECU and injection, sensors sensors sensors. Have fun.