KY 1990 civic part out (EX -maroon) d16a6

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Alright I signed up on here because when my motor went my plan was to do a ZC swap, which I've scrapped and after the car is parted out it will also go to scrap.

I know I am new here so I'll start with some vouches...

My ebay profile: xbrandon502x 100% positive feedback.
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I've got this on a couple other honda forums and there aren't any complaints. I can send personal info (phone #) for piece of mind as well, plus it will help with contact if you have questions.

Anyways, its a 1990 Sedan. EX. Came with a D16a6 (Multi-port of course).

Everything is for sale except what will be needed for this car to roll away.

Few aftermarket goodies I still have on it:

SPC LCA $160
SPC rear toe kit $100
Blox rear camber kit $70

Car is located outside of Louisville KY. Local pickup on items are great, and if you come here and pull it yourself prices will be even better since I don't have to mess with it, lol.

Some pics:







A good amount of items are shipped out and on their way to people (or already there) but some notables that are still there:

Almost all interior except gauge cluster
Multiport set up (intake manifold, resistor box, ECU, dizzy, NGK spark plug wires)
almost complete exterior except rear bumper and DR rear taillight

Car came with power everything, windows, locks, steering, also has cruise and just about every option there was.

Post what you would like and I'll let you know if I still have it, feel free to make an offer with that, or I can send you a price.
List of some things off the top of my head that are gone:

pass side power mirror
bumper lights
rear mud flaps
EX front brakes (except 15/16 master cylinder I still have that)
rear bumper
dr side taillight
charcoal canister
front fender splash guards
shift boot
tranny cable
battery tie down

I'm sure there is more but that's what I can think of off the top of my head
do you have the ebrake console thingy, the under dash cover that covers all of hte wires and fuse panel
Please excuse the mess but these 2 pieces?


if so then obviously I do have them. Hope that's the color you're wanting as well.
How much for washer nozzles hoses and fittings (no tank), radiator fan, Clutch cable and shift linkage to 46733?
Also let me know what you want for the shell after it is gutted...or now. I have same color interior and body looks like it is good and doesn't have much rust at all.