1990 Integra B18a1

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Ok heres my question.I jus bought a 90 integra with a b18a1, but it has 225,000 miles on it. It still drives good and sounds like nothing is wronge. This is my first car so its going to get some abuse to it. I want to no wat all i will have to have to make my car to run 13's or possible 12's, besides the turbo i plan on getting. Wat all will i have to do to my car to put a turbo kit on it(injectors, clutch,etc.......).thanks
What do you plan on doing? I have a 1990 Integra LS 4 door, which I plan to swap a b18C5 or C1 into and add a Prelude tranny... I plan on going all JDM Japanese Domestic Market such as headlights, taillights, windows etc... As far as your car, 225k that's a lot of miles, who did you buy it from? What trans is in it? Auto or Stick? You will first have to buy lower compression pistons such as 8.5:1, get forged rods, and most likely get better cams and vavletrain, I maybe wrong, I dont do Turbo, I'm an all motor person but what I've heard get the bottom end (crank, rods, pistons, rings, etc) bullet proof. so you can run like 10 or 15 pounds of boost, also re-sleeve the block... like I said i'm not much on turbo's and superchargers unless the car already has it, stock... I love all motors, you will need to get a cat back exhaust also with a Header adn free flow catylitic (Spelling) converter. An ECU, electronic control unit, fuel injectors, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump...

First off all just rebuild the B18A1 that's in it, Get the Trannsmission looked at... if it;s an auto dont bother just make the car look pretty.... Later

You are not wrong, it won't work.
the rods, pistons, and rings i definately would replace. go with forged pistons and eagle h beam rods...pistons and rings will cost you about 500 and the rods will go for about 350. you'll want to go with arp head studs also. they will cost around 110. as for the crank it will be fine. it will only need to be cleaned up and knived. stock honda cranks a practicly bulletproof. after you've got your motor back together you'll want to get hondata. tuning it will make more power and help keep it together.
The transmission is a 5 spd manuel. How much dose it cost to re-sleave the block. If i rebuild my motor before getting the turbo, running a low compression will cause me to have less power wont it?Also do i have to have it re- sleaved, and what are the minium i will have to have in the fuel department(injectors,etc.....). And my last question is if would i be better off to rebuild my motor now, or will my motor be fine for a while if i go ahead and but cam gears, pulleys,ignition,and a fuel regulator on.
lower compression will lose power but with the turbo it will resist detonation and allow you to run more boost which will increase power...detonation will kill your motor.....you don't have to have your block resleeved but with high boost levels it is recommended. what fuel injectors depends on what turbo you get as to how much boost......340's should be good with 10 lbs.....you'll probably want a stronger fuel pump too....your going to need to beef up your clutch also.... with those power levels the stock clutch won't hold up....
what he is saying is you need to get lower compression pistons once you get the turbo. I'm conisdering swapping an H22A3 intom y 90 ls TEG, but I've been toldit wouldn't be worth it, becuase the weight distribution would just kill the car's acceleration. wehat I meant by putitng in a Lude' engine was run the same gears or get lower gears to use on the strip, and a set ofr street use. or just change em all around:p. Resleeving the block isn't as much as everyone says it is, it only cost 16 per sleeve so it's like 16x4 or something. you do the math. from http://www.importperformanceparts.net/impo...eeve_acura.html. jsut resleeve it it'll save you some in the long run and run all motor. Those 340's would be great ofr 15 lbsof boost, but you need more than just feul delivery. Know your plan and know what you are going to do, don'twing it, you wing htis kind of project, you may sling you engine right out of the car.... Hmmm think think think. I'm, glad you got a stick I started off with a A/T, and let me tell you that sucked when it came to switching it over, I changed it, installing a GS-r tranny was the greatest thing i did to my car... I also want a LS-vtec swap... but thats latter.. I'm gonna go see ya'...

Ummm sleeving your block is ALOT more than $16 by 4 cylinders, golden eagle charges around $900. And they are the cheapest reputable shop I know. If you plan on running less than say 250 whp you dont need to resleave IMO, that # can vary though, its all about engine management, and good tuning!