1991 acura ls

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wat up fells quick on this ls i just got it got 211000 and it pulls to left hard when im driving it and i was wondering what can be causeing this cuz i wanna drive the car for while before i swap it into my crx but i cant figure out what can pulling the car to left all the time i know it needs brakes because everytime i slam on brakes the steering wheels shakes bad but i dont think that would make the car pull so hard to left and i took the tire off to check ball joints they seemed fine and i found out that the spring was broken but still dont think it would pull that hard cuz my rex had a brokenn spring and didnt pull that hard liek it does. would wheel bearings be doing it.


Alignment would cause the problem maybe, un-balanced tires as well might cause somthin like that. Are your struts blown? Get those few things checked out.