1991 Civic Si(11 Sec. Sleeper)

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I'm selling my project Civic Si hatchback. I hate to sell it but other obligations have came to be more important. I bought the car bone stock in April 2002 and since then have put only 900 miles on it. This car will run 11s when complete. I have all receipts and records. I used Mobil 1 oil ever since I got it.
The car is far from stock now. I have all stock parts excluding the A/C. The car is 90% finished. It still needs turbo kit(Rev Hard stage 2 highly recommended) & computer(AEM EMS highly recommended). I have not ported/polished the head yet.
1991 Civic Si hatchback(D16A6), red, excellent condition, always garaged, never driven in rain or snow.
SRP 8.8:1 pistons
Eagle rods
ARP head studs
STR block guard
this motor can handle up to 18 lbs./boost
ported & polished intake manifold
UR race crank pulley
APEXi world sport exhaust
AEM fuel rail, alt. pulley, fuel pressure regulator, & cam gear
MSD ignition, wires, dist. cap, etc.
B&M psi gauge
B&M pro edge short throw shifter
Sparco 3 point harness on driver seat
clear bumper lenses
Catz super plasma headlight bulbs
tinted rear windows
Prothane bushings
Energy Suspension motor mount inserts(not installed yet)
ACT clutch
Aasco flywheel
KAAZ limited slip diff.
Driveshaft shop stage 2 axles
Eibach sportline springs
KYB GR2 shocks
Neuspeed polished rear lower tie bar
Arospeed polished rear upper strut bar
Powerslot rotors
Denso Iridium spark plugs
RC 320cc injectors
EBC greenstuff pads(not installed yet)
Goodridge stainless brake lines(not installed yet)
Autometer boost, egt, air/fuel, oil pressure, oil temp. gauges, triple pod(not installed yet)
Tial 35mm wastegate(not installed yet)
Turbo XS dual boost controller(not installed yet)
Turbo XS type H "rfl" blow off valve(not installed yet)
92-95 Civic Si wiring harness(not installed yet)
gutted cat. converter
interior is mostly gutted(car now weighs 2000 lbs.)
shaved rear emblems, rear wiper
Falken Azenis tires
Kyokugen lightweight lug nuts
Optima red top battery(not installed yet)
Fluidyne radiator
FAL cooling fan
New Honda OEM thermostat, gaskets, etc.
Crane turbo cam(not installed yet)
Edelbrock throttlebody(not installed yet)
Honda OEM valve springs(not installed yet)
I will install the rest of the parts for the buyer at no additional cost.
$16,000 FIRM! I will consider partial trades for 1998-2001 Accord 4 door, 2002-newer Honda CBR 600, CBR900, or Suzuki GSXR 750 motorcycles. Email me for pics.
Hey pmd, do the math. The car, internals, clutch, flywheel, lsd, & axles with labor is worth over $10,000 alone.
I will glady throw in an AEM EMS & Rev Hard stage 2 turbo kit and get the head ported/polished but that will raise the price to $21,000. That DOES include installation & fully tuned on a dyno.
Originally posted by V12EATER@Feb 11 2003, 05:14 PM
Hey pmd, do the math. The car, internals, clutch, flywheel, lsd, & axles with labor is worth over $10,000 alone.

i hate to burst your bubbly dude, but you cant expect to get every penny that you spent back.

EDIT: you dont even have an engine swap
Hey gsrcrx, why would I need a swap, once this car is finished it will rape ZO6s, BPU Supras, Ferraris, Porsches, and Lambos.
i would never give $21000 for that with everything, maybe $12000
all im sayin is that no one will pay the price you asking. just because you invest X amount of dollars doesnt mean your gonna get that much in return. the car i bought had 12000 invested and i paid 5500. just letting you know
Originally posted by V12EATER@Feb 11 2003, 04:35 PM
Hey gsrcrx, why would I need a swap, once this car is finished it will rape ZO6s, BPU Supras, Ferraris, Porsches, and Lambos.

maybe off the line, but not on the highway :ufucktard:
You cant find a car that is built better than mine for $12,000. I know that for a fact. If the car does not sell by May then I will keep it and finish it and have the fastest street Civic in Ohio and have one of the fastest cars in Columbus, Ohio. Either way it's a win-win situation for me. I either get a 11 sec. car or $16,000 in my pocket. Everything on the car is paid for.
Yes that's correct. I built this car for the "street" not for "freeway" racing. I'm saving my money for a freeway killer R34 Skyline GTR. I should have it by summer of 2005.
Hi. No offense, but with $16k I could take a crx ($1500 or so) buy an ls motor ($1000 or so with mounts etc), send it to be bored and sleeved with pistons rods and balancing ($3000) Get new head ($1000), get a ks-motorsports kit with hondata and thermal catback exhaust ($3800), get some nice rotas ($600), tein ha coilovers ($1300), dyno tuning ($750), be at $14000 or a little under, and have a car that is WAY faster and WAY more reliable. And btw I dont think you could get that d series into the 11's with what you have done. Sorry!
You said you could get a crx w/LS swap fuilly built and it would be WAY faster than what I got. WAY fatser to me means at least 1 sec. faster. So your car would be a 10 second car. Yeah right. I don't think so pal. My friend's 91 Civic Si w/B16 intake, header, exhaust, gutted interior & falken tires runs a 13.9. Oh and he weighs about 225 lbs himself. I drive alot better than him and I weigh 175 lbs. My car would easily run high 11s when complete.
You people are arguing about nonsense. You don't have to buy my car so who cares. Like I said before, either way I will make out in the end.
can you read? he said a fully built turbo ls in a CRX, which is lighter that a civc (jus a lil bit). so lets weigh the difference, a tubo 1.8l engine fully built in a light ass car vs. a 1.6l that only puts out 160 hp with little torque, has basic bold-ons i/h/e, and all together in a heavier car. :whatafucktard:
Of course I can read. You must have missed my point. My point was my dude's car is practically stock(int. header, ex) and runs 13.9. My car is almost as light as his and hooked up alot more therefore would easily run at least 2 seconds faster if it was complete. 2 seconds faster than 13.9 is 11.9 seconds.
BTW, my car weighs 2000 lbs. and a CRX HF weighs 1819 lbs. Thats only 181 lbs. difference. Not much of a difference than maybe 0.01 sec. in the 1320(qtr. mile)
civicb18 get a life. u talk to much shit. u r probably like what 18- y old. give me a break dude. i will go for now but not far away. good luck trying to build a car that could hang with any of mine.
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