WA 1991 Honda Civic Hatch,EF,LS SWAP,NEW PARTS

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I have a 1991 Honda Civic 2-door hatchback for sale. The price is $3300 or Best Offer. Here is some more about it:


1991 Integra B18A motor (1.8 Liter DOHC, 150+ HP)

The engine is out of my donor Integra and it was well maintained and never abused in anyway.

Compression Tested at #1-180 #2- 175 #3-165 #4-185 (These are great numbers, and show care given to the engine)

Leak Down Results- #1- 5% #2- 6% #3- 8% #4- 5% (Great Results!)

LS Transmission

Brand New head Gasket

Brand New Clutch

Resurfaced Flywheel (often forgotten part of clutch replacement)

Brand New Oil and Filter

B&M Short Shifter

Brand New Battery

Brand New NGK Spark Plugs

Brand New Spark Plug Wires

MagnaFlow Stainless Steel 2.5" cat-back exhaust

Newer Cat Converter

Painted Red Valve cover

Brand New Fuel Filter

Fuel Injector Cleaner and Fuel System Cleaner added in

Integra Radiator (It's a dual core radiator while the civic ones are only single core, added cooling)

Brand New Coolant

Solid B-series Mounts

Cool Air Intake system



Brand New Front Brake Rotors

Brand New Front Brake Pads

Brand New Brake Fluid

DA Integra Rear disc Brakes

DA Integra Master Cylinder

-The Integra Rear brakes are the largest rear OEM brakes you can put on. Now it has 4-wheel disc brakes.

DA Integra Proportioning Valve included if you would like, but most people like the stock one.



Full SI Interior

Rare SIR Seats (driver's had the usual wear on the driver's side,but everything else is perfect, and the Rear and Passenger side is perfect)

SI Gauge Cluster (Reads 198,xxx miles on it, but I was told the car had only 160,000 miles on it on the stock gauge cluster)

GSR Center Console

Black and Grey in Color

It's 9 out of 10, in good condition and just cleaned.

Pioneer Head Unit (50x4 Watts, CD/AUX/AM/FM, detachable face, Satelite Radio Ready, One of the Best money can buy)

Front Speakers work perfectly

Brand New Rear Speakers



Side Skirts and rear bumper body kit (not cheap ebay crap, high quality thick fiberglass)

Front OEM Bumper

All bumpers and door jams/engine bay all painted white except passenger door jam (you could just spray paint it and it will look perfect)

Championship White Paint, looks good, could be buffed a little more

Body is 8 out of 10.

Hood has a couple little dents

Body kit molded on, could be smoothed out.

Body is straight, but not show car quality could be smoother where molded

Weapon-R Adjustable Coil-Overs (lowered 2.5 inches now and can go to 4" lowered)

I have the stock Springs and DA struts and Spring if you would like them

Could use an alignment (pulls to left a little), I lowered the price from $3500 to $3300, an alignment only costs about $100 so this is a deal.

Has a Rear Strut Tower brace.

Sitting on 13" steelies, thread is okay.

Has JDM Amber Corner Lights

Has Smoked bumper lights

JDM Ash Tray

JDM Clock


Car needs New plates and Tabs, and also Emissions. Has Oregon Plates, with Good Tabs until May, so you could drive it without problems until you get new tabs and plates.

It still has all the emissions component hooked up, so should pass no problem

The price is $3300, cash only and no trades. I can include the Integra rear sway bar, stock springs, and other little parts if you pay the full $3300, but I will also take offers. No LOW BALLERS.

Email me at Elidschultz_bballer@yahoo.com for pics.


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