1993 Honda Accord LX $1800 OBO! Maryland/VA/ D.C.

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I am offering a deal of someones lifetime....this car has been in my family for a good while. My brother bought it originally for about $8,000 (have all paperwork to prove) from a dealership in Cleveland. He moved to Argentina about 2 years ago and I have been in love with this car ever since. I am a "Hondaphile" to say the least. I have driven nothing but Hondas. I currently have a 1997 Honda Accord, and a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback. (All in the process of being sold as well)

Great on Gas, Great on Insurance!

I NEED to sell this car VERY SOON....WILL NOT TURN DOWN ANY REASONABLE OFFER!!!!!!!! Read description (good and bad) and make your own judgement. Im asking $1800 because most people are asking for $2300 and above for these cars.

I will post pictures soon....please e-mail me if need be!!!! (VeroThaCamaro@yahoo.com)

More in depth about the car....

--1993 Honda Accord LX 5 Speed( Manual)
--This is my everyday driver....it has 153,000 Miles....
--I have recorded over 370 miles on ONE TANK of gas! and this is EVERYDAY DRIVING!!!!
--I can't stress this enough. I have taken great care to ensure that this cars engine lasts well over 200k Miles.
--I have performed my own oil Changes, with only the best oil.
--New Clutch (All Paperwork and Receits)
--New Exhaust (from headers to catylitic Conv. and from Conv. back)
--New Spark Plugs (Platinum Tipped)
--New Air Filter
--New Spark Plug Wires
--New Master and Slave Clutch Cylinder (Have All Paperwork and Receits)
--New CV Joints
--Power Windows
--Power Door Locks
--Cruise Control (Works Wonders on Long Hauls)
--I took it to the track once, and it managed a 16.2 at 89 m.p.h. @ the 1/4 mile (not bad for a car that managed 17's Brand NEW!!)

THE NOT SO GREAT (Ever Car Has Em'):

The car is originally a smokers car, I could honestly not tolerate the stench, so I tore out the original carpeting. Smells great now, thanks to my pine tree car scents(haha!!)
I also took out the back seats ( Still have them, with seatbelts and all the nuts and bolts)
Due to the removing of the backseats and the carpeting, the car is lighter....in turn I have noticed a considerable increase in gas mileage (beautiful thing) and also noticeablly less tire wear. But my favorite part : Incredibly peppier performance.
The Passenger seat is still there, so you can carry your loved on along for some great trips!
My original CD player was stolen...along with the harness....BUT I have another CD player (not installed) Free of Charge...I'll Install it if you'd like
The A/C does not work....May need charging
Heat works WONDERS!!! I honestly believe that heat is the greatest option a car can carry...this heater does it's duties with pride
There are some dents that my brother was involved in...I never cared to fix them
There is also rust on the body (not much, but in some parts, somewhat noticeable) , given that the car has endured some Ohio winters.
The driver side keyhole does not work...passenger side works perfectly
Right-Rear window is out of track ($40 to fix, I had no time to do so)


My honor as a seller.... I will be getting BRAND NEW TIRES and WINDSHIELD WIPERS, of course, free of charge (it all comes with the package of buying the car :D)
I promise that this car has been carefully treated (Drivetrain wise...I'm a Honda nut, remember?)
I promise that this drivetrain (Engine and Transmission) will last well over 200k miles
For some reason, this car has a certain charm that I will Miss very much...I actually hate to sell it

NO CAR I'VE EVER OWNED has caused me the LEAST problems!

REASON FOR SELLING: Im leaving for school very soon, and will not be needing any cars ( Northeastern in Boston)
My parents are making me get rid of this, and my other cars so I will have money for books, food, and to help pay for my loans (dreaded!!)
I can't afford any cars really
Once Im done with school....I will be more than likely to return to this early 90's Honda Accord


email me : VeroThaCamaro @ Yahoo.com
AIM : VeroThaCamaro
ph # : 301.536.5020

Mind you I'm posting this on several sites, the urgency to sell this quickly is more dear than ever!
Please dont be afraid to make me an offer....Thank you so much for taking a look!!
Originally posted by skillz2k5@Sep 4 2005, 07:41 AM
How much for the hatch... and do you have pics??
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the civic is being sold for $9500
ls/vtec to4e turbo built everything...currently running 11.3's on slicks

aint too shabby....but I already have a prospective buyer...sorry :(

and you bet yer sweet ass that heater works....

the car has a Clean Ohio title...but is currently in Maryland