1996 Chevy Blazer CHEAP!!! In MN

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I am selling my 1996 Chevy Blazer LT. It is tan in color, tan interior. It has 128k on it, and its in decent shape. It runs awesome. There is small amounts of surface rust on the hood from rock chips, and a little low on the doors. IT was rearended and needs a new bumper, well doesn't need it, but the one on there is dented in 2 places, looks okay though. it has a clean title, although it may have been in an accident off the record. The passenger side door window doesnt always go up in track. The interior is in good shape, except for the drivers seat has a tear in the side closest to the door, its about 4 inches long along a seam. The abs brakes don't work anymore (its a good thing, I hated them anyways), and the parking break is messed up. It has 4 wheel drive, a/c (works great), pioneer dehp-1400 cd player, planet audio/infinity component set up front (planet audio mids, and infinity pefect tweeters and crossovers), and infinity kappa 6.5" 2 way speakers in the rear. It has a yellow top battery, and a 200 amp alternator, cause I used to compete in car audio with this car. I am not looking to get tons of money for this car, and if there is enough interest I will take pics and email them out. Am looking to get $4500 for the car or best offer, I will be putting it in the local paper here in minneapolis mn soon. I am doing this so I can get my crx with ls/turbo swap rolling ASAP!!! So email if you are interested or post here, my email is mwasnp@aol.com. Thanks
Originally posted by mrzootsuit@Oct 12 2002, 02:16 AM

the man is trying to sell something. if youre not interested in what he's selling than move on to the next post. your comments are unneccessary.