1997 GSR **HUGE PRICE DROP** **NEW YORK** Clean Title, Lots of mods, Sleeper OEM styl

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7/18/07 - Asking 6,800 Price drop from 8,000 If interested PM me. Thanks!

Ok so lemme start off saying this GSR is in EXCELLENT condition. Its got a nice custom paint job to set it apart from other integra's and has a oem type r lip on the front bumper. I wanted to keep it nice and oem sleeper style but yet still sexy. Its as clean as they come, the engine bay was 100% degreased, the car has always been cleaned atleast 3-4 times a week, and always garaged and waxed with only Meguair's products. This is the cleanest GSR in my area and I get lots of love from the enthusiasts around here. The engine runs 100% MINT!! I've had the car for 9 months and i've never had 1 single problem with it. The car runs and sounds great and the vtec cracks very nicely. It has a Rev Limiter on it that cuts off fuel at redline so you know its never taken a bad redline ricer beating. It handles amazing well, its a nice ride, VTEC has been set to crack at 4,500 RPMS (instead of the stock 5,500) It has never seen snow, but has been threw a few rain showers...it has not 1 peice of rust at all and is in perfect condition. Its got a clean title, never been crashed, stolen, or anything. The title is 100% clean and clear and is ready to be signed over. I can even help you out with taxes, i'll put down i sold it fo super cheap to help you :p. Its currently got 95,686 original miles, and the oil+filter has been changed every 2000 miles with Valvoline Syn Power (fully synthetic) and it has always been fueled with 93 octane gas. There is no leaks at all, it does not burn any oil, gets great MPG, engine is very clean and the heat, a/c work great. The engine bay is extremely clean and has been painted black, the stock strut bar is painted the same color as the car, which is called ''Flica Mint'', its the stock color on the tC Scion.. its like a dark shiney grey and when the sun hits it..it shows some sparkles...at night it looks black... its a very expensive paint because of all the different shades it puts off depending on the amount of sun-light and position you look at it from. The type r lip on the front bumper has also been painted the same color as the car. This car has been kept in perfect condition since day 1, it has never been eatin in, or smoked in. The car truly stands out and just needs some rims.
* This car comes with a manufacturer's warranty till 150,000 miles for Emission Parts. If the check engine light ever comes on and something emissions wise needs to be replaced your local honda/acura dealership will do it for free. *
The bad :
- Needs a new cat i've been told, there is some rattling coming from where the cat is and my good friend that owns a shop told me its one of the plates inside the cat its loose so it makes the noise, it needs to be replaced. I am including with the sale a High flow cat with 02 sensor housings and a 3'' inlet/outlet that you can install to fix the rattling.
- On the climate control that switch you use to make the climate hot or cold doesnt work correctly. I think i just didnt put it in correctly because you can move it a little to hot or cold but not all the way, but its nothing crazy to fix its just a little cable thats under the glove box that connects to the vent to open to the hot or cold air, you connect it from that peice to the back of the climate control. If your serious about the car and come look at it i can show you what I mean its hard to explain.
- Thats it! =) everything else is MINT on the car and it runs 100% MINT no problems. Even those problems stated are nothing major at all and can both be fixed within 1 hour.
Fairly new very nice paint job (color : Flica Mint) - door jams, whole car, engine bay, etc. (engine bay painted black) - $2500
AeM Cam gears - $300
AeM Pulley kit - $200
AeM Cold air intake - $185
DC 4-1 Headers - $350
MAGNECOR 8.5mm Plugs wire set - $65
Greddy EVO full catback exhaust - $600
Hyper grounding system - $185
All necessary tune up was done when i first bought it like:
- Timing belt, Water pump, Spark plugs, Distributor cap, etc. - $1000
Energy suspension bushings - $50
DC rear lower strut bar - $50
D2 Racing suspension - $1200
POWERSLOT slotted and dimpled front rotors with
POWERSLOT slotted rear rotors - $700 (basically brand new, only about 1,200 miles on them)
Front calibers - $150 (bought at the same time as rotors, only about 1,200 miles on them)
Russel stainless steel brake lines - $150 (bought at the same time as rotors, basically brand new)
Front and rear EBC green stuff for brake pads - $160 (bought at the same time as rotors)
Type-R integra leather red stitched shift boot - $25
Leather with red stitch ebrake lever cover - $25
SPARCO pedals - $65
Custom Stainless steel acura integra gauge bezel - 25$
Glow gauges - 25$
Powered By Acura seat belt shoulder pads - 20$
Greddy High pressure polished radiator cap - 20$
Type-R Front lip - 150$
High flow cat - 75$
Aftermarket deck - 50$
Brand new Gold series Die Hard battery with hassle free warranty - 100$
Brakes and Suspension is basically brand new, only about 3,000 miles on all of them.
Mods alone - $8350
KBB value for a stock GSR- $7405






- In the pictures you can see a 3'' Monster tach, thats no longer in the car.
- The rear seats are now Tan GSR Leather.
- The tweeters are now OEM tweeters, they used to be some best buy brand with liner around it.
- The Type-R valve cover is no longer on there, its now an OEM valve cover.
are you open for trades or know somone that will bu my car it is a 2002 acura cl type s