2.5 Del Sols And .5 Of An Integra

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Yesterday I went and picked up the del sol and integra. This is all 3 of the sol's and the tow dahle.

This is a sol and an integra (just incase you cant tell)


my 525 dollar car, which is in need of wheels,tires, engine, brakebooster unit, seats, swaybars, and GSR brakes.


The only thing in the trunk of the new del sol, I hope that is what I think it is (del sol VTEC shift linkage)


The engine from the GS-R, which is missing a few parts, but they are on the way. Btw the GSR has all the other parts the del sol is missing.


Yep thats basically it. The del sol was repossesed by a credit union, and the guy who had it stripped it all out and probably put it into a 4th gen civic hatch (judging by the crappy blue seats that were in place of the del sol seats) when he found out it was gonna be reposessed. I ought to go take a stroll past that guys house ( i have his address...it was on the title), and if i see a hatch with del sol VTEC brakes, seats, and a b16a3 engine, I'll have to report it as stolen property hahhah...maybe i can buy that from the credit union too.

The gsr was 1200 bucks flat, and has everything but the wheels/doors.

That red del sol is just about ready to paint. Im in for a lot of work on that del sol vtec tho, a lot of crap from the integra needs to be moved over to it.
Originally posted by SnailOnARampage@Feb 26 2003, 11:15 PM
Another pic of the integra


hehe talk about laying body...its literally BODY DROPPED!!

good luck getting everything together. you got one helluva project going on :)
If anyone needs any random parts off an integra feel free to message me or email me or something.
Originally posted by SnailOnARampage@Feb 27 2003, 01:54 AM
hahaha...its a shop, and it'd take about 6 cleaning 8 hours a day to clean it.

beer + 6 friends = clean garage